Georgia Recruiting: Todd Grantham Doing Todd Grantham Things to Annoy UGA


Todd Grantham is being a royal pain to Georgia recruiting, but has he violated any rules by tweeting out the names of some of UGA’s top prospects for the next two years?

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Louisville (and former Georgia) defensive coordinator Todd Grantham is doing Todd Grantham things once again. No, he’s not screaming at coaches from other teams or childishly trying to cause a kicker to choke, or even throwing a tantrum (well, we can’t be sure of that one).

What Todd Grantham did do was tweet out a a list of Georgia’s top football recruiting prospects as if to flip Mark Richt the bird and serve notice that he was coming after these kids himself, and that his masterful recruiting pitch could sway some of those who are already committed to Georgia to ditch their plans and come to Louisville.

First off, fat chance, Todd.

Secondly, umm…NCAA violation maybe?

Probably…it is a minor NCAA violation for college coaches to tweet out the names of prospective recruit, and Grantham probably knows it since the tweet was quickly deleted. But, on the internet everything is forever, just like a diamond. Thanks to Kipp Adams of for saving a screen shot of the ill-advised tweet.

Image – 247sports

So there  you have it, a list of some of the state of Georgia’s top prospects, many of whom are clearly on Georgia’s list.

Grantham gonna Grantham. I’m sure he can come up with any number of excuses why the tweet was sent and then deleted. Either way, it would seem that 37-14 drubbing of his so-called No. 3 in the country defense wasn’t enough to keep him under the porch.

Bad former Dawg…bad.

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