Georgia Football: Who are the Most Indispensable Bulldogs for 2015?

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Sep 28, 2013; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs mascot UGA IX on the field before the game against the LSU Tigers at Sanford Stadium. Georgia won 44-41. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia football team has a lot of important pieces and moving parts, but who are the most indispensable Dawgs this season?

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Football is one of the true “team” sports, with every unit falling to the level of the weakest link in the chain, and within each of those units, smaller sub-units have to pull the weight among themselves. Every man must do his job and do it well, or the entire unit will crumble and fail.

It’s easy to pick out star skill position players and talk about them being indispensable, but as was seen in 2014, even the biggest of stars can fall and the rest of the group can pick up the slack. However, there are some players who, if lost, can have catastrophic results on the team.

If Nick Chubb goes down, chances are one of Georgia’s other fine running backs can fill in, singularly or wholly as a group. If when Malcolm Mitchell gets hurt, the wide receiver corps will find a way to get the job done…but is this the case all over the Georgia sideline? Is the depth that great?

Here are the most indispensable players the Georgia Bulldogs may have in 2015, to carry them through any obstacles that may come, and who could hold the key to at last taking the next step and finding championship glory.

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