If Called to Serve, Georgia Football Will Invade With Satellite Football Camps


Georgia football head coach Mark Richt doesn’t want to conduct satellite camps. However, if the NCAA does not ban them, he and the rest of the SEC will bring their southern football religion to the heathens.

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Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and others will conduct satellite football camps this summer to recruit football talent from outside of their geographic region. The response of SEC and ACC football programs, their coaches until now forbidden from working at satellite camps, will be swift and severe.

Georgia football head coach Mark Richt, his recruiting travel budget doubled for the coming year, said “If nothing changes nationwide by next summer, we’ll do it.” (Tim Tucker, AJC.com)


South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier: “There comes a point that we need to start doing it to keep up with Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, northern schools that come into the south.” (Tim Tucker, AJC.com)

Make my day.

LSU head coach Les Miles: “Should that not be a violation, I promise you, we’ll do it all summer next year.” (Tim Tucker, AJC.com)

Do you feel lucky?

In-coming SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. “SEC football coaches talked very specifically … about their intent to canvass the nation if we’re in the same circumstance next year.” (Tim Tucker, AJC.com)

Do you want a piece of me?

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The last thing the country wants is an invasion by SEC coaches  – from Alabama to Vanderbilt moved by religious zeal and armed with monstrous travel budgets – occupying  its recruiting base. But, the giant is awake and should the NCAA refuse to ban satellite camps, the SEC’s response will resemble that to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

With the gauntlet tossed, how will the Big Ten, Pac 12 and Big 12 respond? One can only hope wisely. Tim Tucker of the AJC.com quoted outgoing SEC commissioner Mike Slive at the SEC spring meetings. “We are going to make every effort to have our rule adopted nationally. If the rule isn’t adopted nationally, come next summer, our folks will be free to fan out all over the country and have at it.”

The SEC’s proposal must receive a majority of votes from among the 10 Football Bowl Subdivision conference. The Power-5 conferences — SEC, ACC, Pac-12, Big Ten and Big 12 – each have two votes and will decide the issue. Michael Collins of South Bound and Down details satellite camps, their effect and the NCAA voting process.

Perhaps wisdom reigns and the northern three Power Five conferences will vote to ban satellite camps, enjoy their one year recruiting advantage over the SEC and ACC and be happy.

Sankey is not overly optimistic.

If the Big Ten, Pac Twelve and Big Twelve continue their “coaching tours” with satellite camps around the country, you should look for your Confederate money, because the southern members of the Power Five will bring an irresistible invasion force to the recruiting ground of their northern brethren.

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