Georgia Basketball Will Pick Up Wins with Rule Changes


NCAA rule changes mean opportunity for Georgia basketball.

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Whether the NCAA has gone crazy or delivered sanity, things will certainly be different during the 2016 NCAA basketball season.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel instituted the 30 second shot clock, eliminated the 10 count backcourt reset after a timeout, and removed the coaches privilege of a live ball timeout. Team timeouts are now one fewer and media timeouts reduced, though it’s complicated.

The restricted arc near the basket is bordered by an arc four-feet from the rim center as opposed three-feet. There is no longer a five second defensive count when the player possessing the ball is dribbling. Also, post season tournaments may experiment using a 6 foul disqualification as oppose to five

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The shot clock rule change is the headline news. But taken all together, big changes are on the way with the 2016 basketball season. How will these rules affect the Georgia basketball team?

Georgia brings to the 2016 season a veteran backcourt, so pretty well.

With two seniors and two juniors leading the Dawgs and the team also adding talented freshman guard Will Jackson and freshman small forward E’ Torrion Wilridge, the eliminated 10 count backcourt reset plays to the Bulldog’s backcourt strength. The Dawgs should handle pressure well and with ace defender Kenny Gaines – perhaps the best on ball defender in the SEC, the big and athletic Charles Mann, the speedy, savvy JJ Frazier and experienced Juwan Parker, Georgia can create some backcourt defensive havoc. And Dawg fans are going  to be impressed with the disruptive defensive abilities of Jackson and Wilridge. In the short term, advantage Dawgs.

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Mann’s forte is physical strength and toughness. He is best when driving strong to the hoop and relishes physical contact around the rim. No doubt Mann was buying juice all around at the basketball snack center after the restricted arc adjustment was announced.

Mann’s ability to drive the lane combined with a Georgia team that may be forced to play one post and four guards for significant minutes each night, the expanded restricted area is an overall plus for Georgia.

Time out reductions are great for fans. The number of stoppages during the games had reached a ridiculous number. (Unfortunately, shot clock review is now permitted during the entire game, so get ready for tedious shot clock replays while watching at home and for many minutes of thumb twiddling at the game.) But the reduced timeouts benefit a mature team that well understands the offense, time and score situation, and can adjust defensively with little direction. In other words, a mature team. And for the most part Georgia will put a mature team on the floor in 2016.

On balance and short-term, the rule changes are good for Georgia.  The Dawgs will pick up between one and three regular season wins due to the rule changes.

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