Are You Ready For Georgia Football? Sanford Stadium Is Ready


Georgia football, your palace awaits. Sanford Stadium gets another round of improvements.

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Are you for football season?

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Preparing for Georgia football is a year round effort. Let’s go down the list.

  • Bulldog Club contribution
  • Order Tickets
  • Order Parking
  • Order Georgia Florida parking
  • Reserve Georgia Florida housing
  • Reserve Road game hotels
  • Order Seat backs

Sanford Stadium has been prepared during the last year as well. Here are some of the upgrades the Bulldog Nation will enjoy this season.

New point of sale systems have been installed at all concession locations to allow Apple Pay and Google Wallet payment, as well as credit and debit card payment when purchasing your concessions items.

In addition to faster payment and faster lines, the screens on all of the 100 level and West Lower stands have been removed and replaced with roll down doors, allowing a better line of communications between fans and the concessions staff. This is the first phrase of a multi-phase project to upgrade the front of the concession stands.

New locations serving bottled beverages have been added in the following locations:

  • Field Level, Section 101
  • Gate 9, Section 137
  • Gate 6 Plaza, Sections 121-124

Brand-name vendors bring their menus to Sanford Stadium . You can find the following vendors and their locations here:

  • Subway: 6-inch Turkey and BMT subs will be sold in stands near Sections 118, 128, 133, 140, 208, 218, 228, 308, 322, 328 and 608
  • Papa John’s: Pepperoni and Cheese pizzas will be sold in stands near Sections 103, 109, 124, 128, 140, 144, 204, 218, 234, 304, 316 and 322
  • Sonny’s BBQ: BBQ sandwiches will be sold in stands near Sections 106, 134, 208, 218, 228 and 322
  • Herschel’s Famous 34: Hamburgers will be in stands near Sections 110 and 122
  • Chick-fil-A: Original Chick-fil-A sandwiches will be in stands near Sections 105, 144, 224, 314 and 322
  • Houston’s Peanuts: Peanuts will be available in all stands located throughout Sanford Stadium
  • Edy’s Ice Cream: Ice cream will be available at portable locations on all levels/areas of Sanford Stadium

More from Dawn of the Dawg

As part of a multiphase project to renovate the Sanford Sttadium restrooms, the 100 level restrooms on the East, South and West sides will have new fixtures and amenities.

To improve airflow in the lower seating levels, 62 fans from the company Big Ass have been installed at the concourse entrance of the 100 level and the seating area in the 200 level.The fans will range from 6.6 feet in diameter to 8 feet across.

Misting tents and cooling stations will help keep fans cool for the first four home games at Gates 7 and 10, and Reed Plaza.

The Distributive Antenna System in Sanford Stadium has been enhanced and fans should have an easier time making phone calls, sending text messages and connect to the internet.

Unfortunately, outside the stadium, parking will still be difficult. But fans can now call a parking helpline for information about on campus parking, including directions, public handicap availability, the East Campus game day shuttle and other game day information.

Fans should also notice a difference in public address sound quality. The Sanford Stadium system has been recalibrated and redirected to improve and maximize sound quality throughout the stadium.

However, there is still no word on what fans really want – a way to call plays and make player substitutions.

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