Getting Creative With Georgia Football Nicknames


Dawn of the Dawg decided to have some fun creating nicknames for Georgia football players.

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Some people feel like an athlete is not truly complete without a cool nickname. Here are some suggestions for nicknames for current Georgia Bulldog football players.

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The first comes from the boards that Georgia uses to signal in plays. One features WWE wrestler John Cena. Not only is Cena a sports entertainer, he also has a side career as a rapper. One of his hits was entitled simply, “Bad, Bad Man.”

I can’t think of a more accurate description for Jordan “Bad, Bad Man” Jenkins.

Jenkins’ running partner at linebacker is Leonard Floyd. With Leonard being from Eastman, Ga., I came up with Leonard “The Eastman Eraser” Floyd. Because he erases opposing ball carriers.

Any Georgia fan knows the story of Kolton Houston, who missed a good part of his potential career as a Bulldog offensive lineman. The NCAA would not let him play due to steroids being in his body, due to a high school injury. So, a good nickname, I think, would be Kolton “We No Longer Have a Problem” Houston.

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With offensive lineman John Theus being bigger than most skyscrapers, how about John “Fee Fi Fo Fum” Theus.

Nick Chubb is special, we all know that. He may be the one Bulldog who doesn’t need a nickname. But with him being a proud graduate of Cedartown High School, how about Nick “The Cedartown Cheetah” Chubb?

Defensive back Malkom Parrish is a easy one for a nickname, I think. It’s simple, Malkom “Any Receiver Near Me Will” Parrish.

A simple one for Keith Marshall would be Keith “I’m Back!” Marshall.

Sony Michel is also an easy one I think with Sony “Many Ways to Hurt You” Michel.

With his love for reading, Malcolm Mitchell, is a good one to come up with a nickname for, I hope. Try this one, Malcolm “Gone With the Wind” Mitchell.

Younger readers may not get this, but anyone that saw old game shows will get Brice “A Roni” Ramsey. In the old days, if you finished as a runner-up on a game show you usually received a year’s supply of Rice A Roni.

With Greyson Lambert having played at Wayne County High School in Jesup, we should take his high school’s nickname into consideration for his nickname. Try this one on for size, Greyson “A Yellow Jacket We Can Finally Love” Lambert.

Lorenzo Carter’s nickname should take in that ridiculous targeting call against Vanderbilt. How about Lorenzo “I Promise to Not Hurt the QB (too bad), Mr. Ref” Carter.

Newcomer Jake Ganus can use both of his schools for his nickname. After being a Blazer for most of his college football career, the transfer from the University of Alabama at Birmingham can be Jake “Blazin’ My Way into Being a Dawg” Ganus.

Coach Mark Richt could be Coach Mark “Soul Man” Richt. He is the heart and soul of the team.

With this writer being from Ocilla, Ga., the home of Dave Prater, one-half of the soul duo, Sam and Dave, who had a hit with “Soul Man,” I had to get that reference in there.

Well here are some nicknames for you. Let us know if you have some better ones in the comments, or do you like mine? Or tweet to us at @DawnOfTheDawg.

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