Georgia Football: Top 10 Scott Howard football calls

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Georgia football has one of the most electric play-by-play callers in all of college football with Scott Howard. Here are 10 of his best calls since he took over for Larry Munson.

Some colleges are lucky to have one great football play-by-play guy, but Georgia football is fortunate enough to say it has two great ones.

Scott Howard took over permanently for the late great Larry Munson ten years ago on June 19, 2009. announced that former athletic director, Damon Evans named Howard and former quarterback  Eric Zeier were the permanent broadcast team for Georgia football.

The two broadcasted two away games in 2008 and took over for Munson who had to leave the 2008 season early. So he technically has been doing it 11 years, but 10 years ago this year, it became permanent.

I grew up during the time of both and can remember listening to Munson on the radio with my grandfather, but I also remember some great calls from Howard as well.

Howard wasn’t a new face to the booth either as he was Munson’s color commentary guy from 1993 to 2008  and we all know he calls the basketball games as well.

He had to fill some gigantic shoes, and in the ten years in the booth as the ‘play-by-play’ guy, Howard’s done a great job.

Howard’s known for getting overly excited and almost yelling the calls as he watches the game. While Munson had great one-liners, Howard does as well.

I’m not saying there will ever be another Munson on the radio, but Howard does him justice. I believe that Munson would be incredibly proud of Howard and how far he’s come since taking over the duties.

While Howard might not have as many great calls as Munson, he has some that regardless of when you listen to it still give you chills. I will forever cherish listening to the game on the radio and after doing this article, appreciate what Howard does for this team.

While there are tons of calls between last season and 2009, these all gave me chills, and I didn’t have to dig what games they were from because the calls, well they’re memorable.

After digging through 10 years of calls from Howard, here are 10 of his best, in my opinion, since he took over the reins permanently in 2009.