Georgia football’s video crew, best in the business with Notre Dame reel

Georgia football fans see videos from the University of Georgia all the time. After the Notre Dame game, it showed that the Dawgs have the best video production department in the game, and they’re only getting better.

Now I’ve liked Georgia football’s hype videos for a while and feel like they’re getting better and better. However, I’d like to go on record and say that Georgia has the best crew in college football after the videos it produced for the Notre Dame week.

The first three weeks of the season produced excellent content, but for the magnitude of the Georgia/Notre Dame game, the guys nailed it, and there is no other way to put it.

I don’t know if any of you remember Frank Martin from a few years back and the Georgia videos he made, especially the ‘Moments’ one about the university and what it means to him.

Well, he’s now the Co-Director of Football Creative- Video alongside Hannah Brinks who is the Co-Director of Football Creative- Design. These two are killing it and make a great pair.

Martin took the job in June 2018 after leaving a short time for another job. He also worked with Georgia football video from July 2013 to May 2017.

It didn’t take him long to get back to Georgia, and well I’m personally glad he’s back because he’s killing it and these videos are better than most I’ve seen across college football.

If you remember he’s behind the Autumn Fire series as well. There isn’t much Martin hasn’t put his stamp on here at Georgia, and it’s paying off.

These two are doing a great job at producing content and making it fun, fresh, and chill worthy.

Their latest work, the videos and stuff they put together for the classic showdown for Georgia and Notre Dame, well it just proves that once again the best is in red and black.

While there are too many videos from last week to put on this article, there are three that stand out among them all. That’s the Week 4 trailer; the one night game can change everything and the Georgia/Notre Dame reel that posted yesterday.

If these three videos don’t get you fired up as a Dawg fan, we might have to ask for your Dawg card back because this is as good as it gets.

The trailer opens up with a lot of clips from the various experts chatting about the matchup and how it’s a sell-out and such. So it fires you up that much more. It also previews the red LED lights and closes out with practice videos and Kirby Smart’s pressure.

It talks about the Georgia Way and how the team will conquer Notre Dame. It Takes what it Takes is a great motto to lead up into the game because it took a lot of what Georgia had to get the job done.

Then there is the ‘One night game can change everything’ video and it’s only 33 seconds long, but a minute more and it would have made Dawg fans explode.

One night game can change everything highlights the new lights in Sanford Stadium and just what the fans can expect. I like the blackout feel to it and the night game electricity that comes with it.

This video came out the night before, and it was hard to sleep after watching those 33 seconds. The lights and the environment played a huge role in the game, and without the fans, it might not have gone the same. I love this video because it’s a recruiting mechanism as well and well I want to commit to the ‘G’ after it.

Now comes the best of the week, and it should be the final video of this article. When I say it doesn’t get better than this, I mean it. If you haven’t seen the video I won’t ruin it, so watch it, and then keep scrolling.

It fires you up. This video takes you through everything. It has the experts talking about the matchup, ESPN GameDay highlights and everything you want in a video. Some say it could be better if it included the Redcoat Band, well I disagree.

Georgia and Notre Dame was a huge game, one of the most-watched games of the year and well the video explains it all. So if somehow you didn’t catch this game, then this video is the closest to how it felt to watch it.

I love the moment Rodrigo Blankenship steps up and talks to the team. The vibe of this video is what college football is all about, and it’s what we live for as lovers of the game.

Georgia outdoes itself on every aspect of this video, and I can honestly say I’ve watched this 10 times at least. The suspense of it puts you there, and I love how it goes from start to finish of the game. Halftime was incredible to watch because it gave you an inside look at what they do.

My favorite part is Scott Howard’s call on D’Andre Swift’s hurdle, though.

It was an instant classic that Larry Munson would be proud of, and I cannot wait to hear it over and over the rest of the year.

“Handoff Swift, he’s got space,” Howard exclaimed in the video! “Oh, he jumped over a man! D’Andre said see ya I’m going over the top!” That call is everything.

While there are other videos the crew did throughout the week, these are the best of the best and the ones that make me remember one of the best weeks in all of college football. Georgia defeating a top-10 opponent never gets old, and when the crowd is that good, I’m so glad Martin and his team put so much of them in it.

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Georgia fans, please realize we have the best video crew in college football, and I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did.

Well done Georgia football video crew, you deserve an award for this one, and I hope you get it.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. So Georgia fans go to @GeorgiaFootball on Twitter and retweet the crap out of the reel and thank Martin and the university for caring this much to have a video department this good.




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