Georgia football and the SEC’s best boys are here to stay

Who is the best boy on the Georgia football team? Yeah, you guessed it, Uga, the live mascot so many Dawg fans love. Well, the topic of whether teams should have live mascots have hit the interwebs this week, and we’re here to defend keeping them.

Like so many teams, Georgia football has Uga, its live mascot. Tennessee has Smokey, Mississippi State has Bully, LSU has Mike the Tiger, and well you get the point.

Live mascots have become somewhat of a tradition in the SEC, and they’re here to stay.

We all know the incident with Uga and the Auburn player. Then last year at the Sugar Bowl with Texas’ Bevo almost killing the poor dog.

Now this time, it wasn’t Uga at the scene of the crime but with Mississippi State’s Bully or as most know him as Jak. An Auburn player, typical, ran right into him, and well, the public thought he was hurt.

As you can see, the player really couldn’t help running into him, but still, it happened and well that good boy didn’t deserve it.

This video caught so much attention, along with tons of fans hoping he is okay. Some had rumors; others were just concerned; in short, Twitter went nuts about the incident.

It didn’t take long before we got an update about the precious bulldog, and it was in the best fashion, from the dog himself.

The best source is from the person it happened to, so I think this was a great move, and well, 14.7k likes is a good sign the public did too.

Another thing that happened not long after this was PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) releasing a statement.

The organization does this when something happens around these live mascots, so it’s not a surprise. PETA urged Mississippi State to retire Bully immediately. They did something similar when Bevo viciously attacked Uga and published a piece on how Georgia’s mascot should retire.

As PETA does, they wrote this article after Bully’s incident about how live mascots are a failure. However, they didn’t include anything about Bully just how they’re an ‘F’ and how they don’t belong on sidelines. Then they included addresses for people to reach out and tell the university’s how harmful having live mascots are.

Talk about overkill.

Now I love animals, and my Champ gets treated better than some humans do. Then think about Bully, Uga, and Smokey.

Those three dogs are probably the most pampered and spoiled animals on the planet. ESPN proves it too. They dive into the lives of the top live mascots, and well, they have great lives, so why take that away from them?

Like most dogs, they all loved to be petted and get good boy rubs on game days. So even though I could probably see why PETA believes what they do, I also think that they’re treated better than most humans and aren’t hurting in any way.

Bully didn’t get hurt, Uga didn’t get hurt, so why urge them to retire? I love that Georgia, Mississippi State, and so many other SEC and other schools have live mascots, and it’s a tradition. People vote on the best live mascots, which Uga holds the crown currently. 

PETA needs to relax about demanding schools to get rid of their mascots. It’s a losing battle.

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Georgia and so many of the other schools love their mascots, and game day wouldn’t be the same without them. This talk about mascots and only having the fake ones will pass quickly because well, everyone loves animals, even football people.

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