Georgia football: Lane Kiffin goes full Lane Kiffin, picks Vols over Dawgs

Wide receiver George Pickens. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Wide receiver George Pickens. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin was up to his typical antics on Saturday as he picked Tennessee to upset Georgia football on ESPN College GameDay.

Kiffin went full Kiffin on national television — of course, he did.

Tennessee fans are the ones that threw mustard and golf balls at him earlier this season, and now he thinks they’re going to do enough to be Georgia?

This wild prediction makes you scratch your head and wonder what is going on in this guy’s head. However, at the same time, that is Kiffin, and it isn’t surprising at all because, of course, he would pick the upset.

“In the biggest upset of the day, Tennessee Volunteers,” Kiffin said to the GameDay crew. And to no surprise, Kirk Herbstreit and the whole team just went wow.

While the Tennessee Volunteers have a lot of confidence, they do not have the depth that Georgia does on defense, and it seems a bit disrespectful because to doubt that defense is never a good mood.

Georgia shuts down opponents. They suffocate and bully them into quitting. Why would Tennessee be different? The Dawgs have the same unit they’ve played with all year, give or take a few injuries, but on defense, they are healthy and ready.

Kiffin is a gem for college football. He always has something quick and witty to say, but at the same time, you’d think by now he would learn to stop being like this. He can coach some football, and while the pick could very well just be a dig at his buddy Kirby Smart, still, it’s a bold, bold pick for him.

Remember, you never want to go full Kiffin, and well, he went full Kiffin diving headfirst into this ridiculous prediction.

Will Tennessee challenge the Dawgs? Maybe, but outside Clemson, every other team that could potentially challenge the Dawgs has got beat by 27, 17, 24 and 37 points. We will see though, Kiffin isn’t afraid to make this statement, but it’s one no one saw coming because, well, you’d think he’d hate Tennessee enough to never pick them.

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However, Kiffin showed the world he does not care, and even though Georgia’s players and staff probably didn’t see it, they will hear about it. That prediction is something the Dawgs will not take that prediction lightly.

Georgia will now have even more motivation to come into this game and win big — from Tennessee wearing black uniforms to Kiffin going full Kiffin. Georgia, thanks yall for the extra bulletin board material.