Georgia Football: Some successful names to add in the OL coach search

Amarius Mims waits for the snap against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Getty Images)
Amarius Mims waits for the snap against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Getty Images) /

Georgia football is on the hunt for its next offensive line coach after Matt Luke stepped down earlier this week.

There has been a lot of discussion on who should be the next coach, and of course, everyone has their opinion.

However, in the last couple of days, a few names brought up in the last couple of days made a light bulb go off in my head.

So we must update the fans as the coaching hunt continues. This coaching hunt is important for the Dawg, and it needs to be a good one.

Georgia football is still searching for its next offensive line coach.

These are the coaches we think have some steam behind them and not just the ones fans would like to see.

We previously mentioned Will Friend as an option and Ohio State longtime offensive line coach Greg Studrawa as two guys Georgia could hire.

It seems like they are bigger contenders than initially suspected. Friend is still a big risk, in my opinion, but hopefully, that doesn’t happen unless it’s a last-ditch effort.

He has already been at Georgia, and while the Dawgs aren’t afraid to re-hire position coaches, Friend isn’t one I would. There are better offensive line coaches out there and available.

Studrawa is one of those better offensive line coaches that Georgia should look at because he is a great developer. He has multiple All-Americans on his resume and knows how to target the midwest for talent. The Dawgs could use that for sure when recruiting at this position.

Another midwest name that would be an A+ hire is Wisconsin’s former offensive line coach is, Joe Rudolph. While he may be a long shot, the Badgers always have a top-rated offensive line and a rush game that impresses. He has a few All-Americans under his belt, not to mention the ability to recruit that area would be perfect.

He recently took a job with Virginia Tech, so it may be a long shot, but it’s worth one.

However, after going through the various rushing offenses and looking at the different offensive line coaches throughout the college football world, a name stuck out to me.

It wasn’t just me, but other publications are reporting Baylor’s Eric Mateos could be a serious contender for this job.

He is a younger guy, but Mateos has links to Sam Pittman, and some may consider him a young protege to the king of offensive lines.

Mateos helped elevate Baylor’s offensive line to a level that the Bears haven’t seen. From 2020 to 2021, Baylor went from averaging 2.73 yards a carry to 5.38 yards.

He came to Baylor from BYU, but he has seen stints at LSU in 2016 and three years at Arkansas with Pittman during his first time with the Hogs.

Head coach Kirby Smart could make Mateos an excellent offer, and it would be great to see him with SEC talent. He is a solid recruiter, but the developmental part stands out most to me. Not to mention, he could be someone that gets the right salary number and choose to stick around a program.

It’s time to see what he can do with some serious talent because he turned Baylor into an elite offensive line. What can he do with one already full of top talent?

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Georgia football has a tough decision to make, and they better have the deal done soon. Spring practice is under a month away, and an offensive line coach needs to be in place.