Georgia football: 14 Dawgs selected in this 2022 NFL Mock Draft

John FitzPatrick runs towards DeMarcco Hellams. (Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
John FitzPatrick runs towards DeMarcco Hellams. (Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images) /
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Georgia football
John FitzPatrick runs towards DeMarcco Hellams. (Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images) /

Georgia football free agency, 6th and 7th round selections in 2022 NFL Draft

Only a couple could go undrafted of the 15 Georgia football players in this draft. We only have one guy not getting selected for this mock draft.

The only player that won’t get chosen is the Dawgs’ tight end, John Fitzpatrick. With him having surgery on his foot and missing the NFL Combine, he won’t have enough to prove himself worthy of a draft pick. He is someone that probably should have returned to Athens for one more season, but we give him credit for giving the NFL a shot.

Fitzpatrick has the size to play in the NFL, but his college production wasn’t enough to honestly know whether or not to take a risk on him. He could be a better blocker and be more consistent in catching the ball. If he could show these things at Georgia’s pro day, Fitzpatrick could itch his way into the draft, but he is the lone free agent for now.

Someone like the Colts, Cowboys, Chargers or the Saints could end up signing him after it’s all said and done.

7th round

Jake Camarda: #241 — Kansas City

Despite him being one of the best punters in the country, Camarda will likely get taken in the seventh round. If he can have a big NFL Combine and Georgia Pro Day, the confidence level would rise, but for now, it’s a 50/50 on whether he will get selected.

We agree with the other mock drafts that he could be taken at the No. 241 pick by Kansas City. The Chiefs need a better punter, so they could use a pick here to take him and finish out the draft. Some other teams who could take a risk with him because they need a punter themselves are: Ravens, Bills, Patriots, Tampa Bay, Cleveland and the Steelers.

It is slightly unlikely for a team to take him, so as the draft gets closer, he could fall to free agency, but only time will tell, especially with how he performs this week in Indy.

6th round

Justin Shaffer: #199 — Miami via New England

The offensive guard has been all over the place on the other mock drafts, but Justin Shaffer will likely go in the sixth round. He has some inconsistency issues that he needs to improve on, which is why teams won’t pick him until later in the draft.

However, Shaffer could see his stock elevate with an impressive NFL Combine and UGA pro day. He could even fall to the seventh round if he doesn’t have good performances. The good thing about the 2022 NFL Draft, though, is most teams could use a guard, so the possibilities are vast if Miami doesn’t take him at 199.

Zamir White: #188 — Atlanta Falcons

Before any Georgia fan crucifies me for putting Zamir White in the sixth round of this draft, most mock drafts don’t have him getting picked at all. Others have him in the fourth or fifth round, but he is another that needs to have a strong NFL Combine performance to help his stock.

With him suffering two ACL tears, teams may be wearing of drafting him, so he will have to prove himself and show that he is healthy enough. We put him at 188 with the Falcons picking him up. However, we could also see him get taken by Houston, Buffalo, Tampa, or Green Bay.

Those injuries and him not being the sole running back hurt him in this draft, but we all know teams could grab him earlier than the sixth round if they’ve seen him play.