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INDIANAPOLIS, IN - JANUARY 10: The Georgia Bulldogs take the field against the Alabama Crimson Tide during the College Football Playoff Championship held at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 10, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - JANUARY 10: The Georgia Bulldogs take the field against the Alabama Crimson Tide during the College Football Playoff Championship held at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 10, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /

The last few days, Georgia football has seen a lot of movement with people hitting the transfer portal, declaring for the NFL draft, or announcing they’re staying for another season.

Georgia could see many people decide to transfer and head to the NFL Draft because, with a defense like that, it’s usually pretty obvious those departures happen.

While there haven’t been many surprises, there could be, and this article will provide a one-stop-shop to keep up with all the stuff happening in the early parts of the offseason.

Here you will find a Georgia football tracker of players leaving, staying, and going to the NFL Draft.

Georgia has a good problem right now regarding an abundance of talent at just about every position. So even with guys hitting the transfer portal, none of those who have done so are surprises.

This list could grow and likely will because the Dawgs are bringing in another monster recruiting class, and some of these guys may fall down the depth chart, so heading elsewhere could still allow them a shot at playing time.

The transfer portal has given guys the ability to take their talents elsewhere without hurting them, which is a good thing. Sometimes good teams lose strong players, but the Dawgs haven’t.

Georgia could see a few more casualties added to this list, but head coach Kirby Smart and his staff will do whatever it takes to keep the right players on the roster to help the Dawgs keep contending each year.

Georgia football players in the transfer portal

  • Jalen Kimber, DB — Florida
  • Ameer Speed, DB — Michigan State
  • Jaylen Johnson, WR
  • Justin Robinson, WR — Mississippi State
  • Latavious Brini, DB — Arkansas
  • Lovasea Carroll, RB/DB — South Carolina
  • Jermaine Burton, WR — Alabama
  • JT Daniels, QB

It seems like a lot of people were waiting to make their decision until after the season, so the next few weeks could be busy in terms of Dawgs hitting the transfer portal, but only time will tell.

If there are any Smart and his staff want to keep, they will do everything in their power to do so, but some kids just don’t feel the same about a program, and the staff will have to let them find their way.

Lovasea Carroll hitting the portal isn’t shocking as he likely wants to play running back instead of playing defensive back like Georgia switched him to. He likely wants more playing time, and he may not get that in Athens.

Update Jan. 16: Among those who have hit the transfer portal, two have already found their landing spots. Justin Robinson will go to Mississippi State, and Jalen Kimber will head to Florida. These two are looking for more playing time, and they will get it at both of those establishments.

Update Jan. 18: Ameer Speed announced on Twitter that he would be going to Michigan State with former coach Mel Tucker, one of his recruiters that got him to Georgia. It’s an excellent spot for him, and the Spartans will love to have him.

Update Jan. 19: Jermaine Burton announced he would be hitting the transfer portal. This decision is the first one that is a bit confusing. Maybe he just doesn’t like the way the offense is run or what, but it’s not like he wasn’t making plays.

Burton’s announcement stings a bit because he could really be a key playmaker next season, but at the end of the day, he has to make the best decision for himself.

Update Jan. 23: Burton has made his decision and picks Alabama to be his next destination. He made the right choice because Bryce Young will get him the ball if he earns a starting role.

Latavious Brini announced he would head to Arkansas for his super-senior season, and it’s another perfect match. He will learn a ton from Barry Odom and will get the playing time he has waited four years to have.

Update Jan. 24: Lovasea Carroll announced he would transfer to South Carolina.

Georgia football players declaring for the NFL

This week has been busy with players announcing they were declaring for the NFL Draft, but again much like the transfer portal situation, none of them have been surprising. The Dawgs have a chance to see at least 14 players drafted this year, and that is incredible.

These guys have done more than enough for their universities, so it’s time for them to kill it in the NFL with the rest of the Dawg alumni.

  • James Cook, Sr., RB
  • Zamir White, RsJr., RB
  • George Pickens, Jr., WR
  • Lewis Cine, Jr., DB
  • Nakobe Dean, Jr., LB
  • Travon Walker, Jr., DE
  • Jamaree Salyer, Sr., OT
  • Derion Kendrick, Sr., DB
  • Justin Shaffer, Sr., OT
  • Jake Camarda, Sr., P
  • Jordan Davis, Sr., DT
  • Devonte Wyatt, Sr., DT
  • Channing Tindall, Sr., LB
  • Quay Walker, Sr., LB
  • John Fitzpatrick, Jr., TE
  • Adam Anderson, Sr., LB

While it does surprise some that Pickens would leave after not getting but a handful of snaps in this season, he already proved what kind of receiver he was in 2020. NFL teams are just waiting on him because wherever he goes will have a generational-type wideout that doesn’t hit the league all the time.

He could have likely come back and helped out next season, increasing that draft stock even more, but maybe this is what he wants and is best for him.

James Cook already decided last year to come back for his senior season to help finish the drill, and he did. Not to mention, Cook’s draft stock probably increased a ton because he made this decision and showed that he isn’t close to hitting his ceiling.

Zamir White also has done his part at Georgia and deserves a shot in the NFL. He announced on Thursday that he was entering his name into the draft, giving the Dawgs yet another possible running back in the league.

With his two ACL situations, another year in college is another year of wear and tear on his body. Why not go to the league and give it a shot while he still can.

Not to sound negative or make anyone believe he has an issue, it’s just evident how much football can wear on a player’s body, so it’s time for him to make him and his family a lot of money.

Lewis Cine is the latest to declare in the NFL Draft, as he announced Friday afternoon. The junior is deciding to leave early, and after the way he played this season, it’s understanding.

While this announcement stings more than the others, Cine did his job and helped lead the Dawgs to a national championship, plus the way he played in that title game boosted his draft stock, so good luck in the draft Cine.

Update 6:12 p.m. ET

Nakobe Dean announced he was heading to the NFL Draft, and he should be. Much like the Roquan Smith situation, Dean has done everything he has needed to at the University of Georgia. He needs to accomplish nothing left, and now he leaves his footprint on this program.

Travon Walker is another that declared for the draft. His stock is at a good place as he will likely be a part of one of the most players drafted from one school in an individual draft.

Update 7:26 p.m. ET

Senior offensive tackle Jamaree Salyer was another who announced he was going to the NFL, and he should have. This young man did his four years and didn’t need a Covid-19 year to improve his stock, and he will have a long career in the NFL.

Update Jan. 16:  Derion Kendrick will also head to the NFL, but that was something we all should have expected. He did his time at Clemson, and then Georgia gave him a chance, so he did what he came to do.

Update Jan. 17: Devonte Wyatt, Justin Shaffer, Jake Camarda all announce they’re heading to the NFL. All three are guys who left their marks on this program. Camarda will be greatly missed and hard to replace as he was the best punter in football.

Shaffer’s ups and downs were admirable, and seeing him finish on top makes his story that much sweeter. Wyatt chose to come back with Jordan Davis, and it was a game-changing decision that made this defense the best in the country.

Update late Jan. 17: Channing Tindall made his announcement, but it doesn’t come as a surprise as he already signed up for the Senior Bowl. He could have come back, and it would have been beneficial, but at the same time, it’s time for him to go on to the next chapter.

Tindall really did a great job helping step into Adam Anderson’s role and was huge in the national title game.

Update Jan. 18: Senior linebacker, Quay Walker announced he would leave for the NFL Draft. This decision comes as no surprise because he signed up for the Senior Bowl, much like Tindall.

Update Jan. 19: John Fitzpatrick added his name to the NFL Draft list as the junior will test his luck out in the league. The tight end room is full, so it’s understandable.

Update Jan. 26: Reports suggest Adam Anderson is working out and preparing for the NFL Draft. He missed the final seven games of the season after getting kicked off the team. We included him since he was a member of the team to start the year.

Georgia football players returning in 2022

  • Christopher Smith, DB — Super Senior
  • Tykee Smith, DB — Senior
  • Nolan Smith, LB — Senior
  • Robert Beal Jr., LB — Super Senior
  • William Poole III, DB — Super Senior
  • Stetson “The Mailman” Bennett — Super Senior
  • Kearis Jackson — Super Senior

Senior Christopher Smith was the first to announce he is coming back for another season. He is taking advantage of the COVID-19 eligibility rule and using it to be the veteran secondary player the Dawgs will desperately need in 2022. 

This guy coming back is a massive boost for the Dawgs’ morale after seeing so many leave the last few days.

Update Jan. 16: Smith is still the only one who has publicly announced he was coming back for one more year. However, there are others we are waiting on.

Update Jan. 16 @ 6:16 p.m. ET: Tykee Smith announces he will return to Athens next season to help Smith keep it going on defense. He announced on Twitter, and with him coming back, it adds to the secondary’s depth, and it gives them another experienced defensive back to help lead the young talented group heading to Athens.

Update Jan. 17: Nolan Smith made it official on Instagram and let the Georgia football world know he is returning for his senior season in Athens. This guy has so much potential, and deciding to come back is precisely what the Dawgs needed. Georgia had Davis and company come back for 2021, and now they’ve got the Smith trio returning — 2022 will be another solid year for the Dawgs.

There are a few more guys Georgia is waiting to hear from in terms of whether they will be super seniors or not, so keep checking on this article for those announcements.

Update Jan. 18: William Poole announced late Jan. 17 that he would return for his super senior season. This decision gives the Dawgs another veteran defensive back in a secondary that will need the experience. Poole was huge in the Orange Bowl and national championship as he stepped into Latavious Brini’s role without skipping a beat.

He is really coming into his own as a player, so one more year will benefit him and elevate his stock.

The day’s biggest news has to be Robert Beal returning for his super senior season. He led the Dawgs in sacks this past season, so having him return gives the Dawgs a big boost. With him and these others coming back, it’s giving us Jordan Davis, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel energy.

The Dawgs shouldn’t skip a beat on defense next season, and that’s exciting, especially after a lot of people thought losing some of these playmakers would be detrimental.

Update Jan. 19: Stetson Bennett announced he would return to help the Dawgs out in 2022. This decision is one that will ruffle some feathers, but it’s the best option for the Dawgs because he just won a national title for them.

He will have his work cut out for him competing with the quarterbacks behind him, but the Mailman sticking around gives the 2022 squad some good energy around it.

Update Jan. 25: Kearis Jackson announced he would return for one more season, and this is the news Georgia needed in their receiver room. Jackson is a proven playmaker who will give them another weapon in 2022. The Dawgs have seven seniors coming back, and that is a large number considering most of them could have gotten drafted alongside their teammates.

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Georgia football will see a good bit of roster movement. Check back in with us often as we will continue to update this tracker as information breaks.