Georgia football: 3 amazing tone-setting victories from the 2007 season

Matthew Stafford (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Matthew Stafford (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Georgia football
Knowshon Moreno runs with the ball against Auburn during the 2007 game. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

#2: Georgia football beats Auburn 45-20 in first-ever blackout game

One of the loudest Georgia football home games also came during the 2007 season — the first blackout game against Auburn. The Dawgs beat the Tigers 45-20 that night and officially swept their SEC West opponents on the season.

Since that night, the 2007 win over Auburn resulted in the Dawgs going 13-3 over the Tigers. Georgia has dominated that series, and one could say when the Dawgs came out in black, it was Auburn’s funeral. The Tigers haven’t been right since, and while they did win a national championship with Cam Newton in 2010, they haven’t won in Athens since 2005.

Even though the Dawgs beat Auburn in 2006, this game was different. Mark Richt let the team come out in black jerseys, and Sanford Stadium was never the same. Fans lost their marbles last night because of how incredible it was to see the team in black, at night playing in front of a stadium of fans also in all black.

It’s hard to describe the atmosphere, but it was epic. The stands were physically shaking, and people in Atlanta could hear Dawg nation cheering that night — not really, but you cannot convince me otherwise because it was deafening in that place.

There have been better and louder games since that night, but this victory was when people realized that Sanford Stadium is a tough place to play and that Dawg nation wasn’t the only fanbase that could be the 12th man.

Not to mention, those black jerseys became something that Dawg fans would grow to love and hate. Those jerseys have been called a gimmick and cursed while also getting praised. It’s hard being a Georgia fan because for so long, nothing seemed to help the Dawgs get over the hump.

However, that night the black jerseys were what the team and fanbase needed to create one of the best atmospheres in college football.