Three reasons Georgia football is the best choice for Arch Manning

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One of the biggest targets of the 2023 recruiting class for Georgia football is 5-star quarterback Arch Manning.

He most recently went on a trip to Alabama, and now all the reports suggest that the Tide holds the lead over Texas and Georgia. However, they may think that, but there is still a long way to go, and no one in Manning’s camp has set a date for him to commit.

Georgia still holds a strong relationship with Manning, and those things hold weight with him. The Dawgs have worked hard to build that bond, and one visit to T-Town isn’t going to change that. It could affect it some, but the Dawgs will just show him love again to remind him that they are there.

Some experts even predict that Manning with eventually sign with the Tide. However, it’s still way too early for that.

Georgia football is the best option for Arch Manning, and these are three reasons why.

Manning, of course, is the No.1 overall player for the 2023 class and has gained a lot of attention with his name alone. However, he has game, and whoever eventually lands him will have an incredible quarterback on their hands.

He has one more year of high school ball left but has already amassed 6,307 passing yards, 81 touchdowns, 17 interceptions, 742 rushing yards and 19 running scores. Manning completes 66% of his passes, and when he runs, he averages 8.15 yards a touch.

There have been quarterbacks like him before, but Manning is, well, a Manning, and that name holds weight. He still has another season to go, so that those numbers will be even more impressive, but where will he go to school?

Georgia and the remaining finalists have put in a lot of work to sell their programs to Manning, and it doesn’t seem like the race is even close to being done. However, the Dawgs do have some things that make it the perfect fit for Manning.

Here are three reasons why Georgia and Athens are the perfect fit for the next generation of Manning.

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