Georgia football has the best college uniforms ever

Matthew Stafford (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Matthew Stafford (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Georgia football has the best color scheme possible. There are very few colors that go together, like red, black and silver. Those colors go with everything and make everything immediately look 10-times better.

However, what once were the best uniforms in college football, Georgia switched the jerseys to have bubble numbers.

The colors still rocked when that change happened, but the numbers never quite brought out the same emotion. They looked soft instead of the block numbers that most people expect with jerseys.

Georgia football made the best decision to switch back to block jersey numbers.

On Wednesday, the Georgia social team posted a quick video with 2022, and the numbers were changing shape, and the Dawg fans quickly put it together— block numbers were back.

The way a block number looks on red and white jerseys screams intimidation. They look more prominent on jerseys, meaner, and it’s a classic football look.

That simple post sent fans into a frenzy because, finally, the uniforms would look like the universe intended.

When most people think of Georgia, it’s the traditional red ‘G’ helmet, the silver britches and a classic red top. The silver britches eventually turned to white — Hey, Georgia, make that the next uniform improvement. Then the university switched to bubble numbers on the jerseys, and it wasn’t the same.

Fans have pushed for the block numbers to return, and finally, it will happen in 2022. No offense to whoever decided on those bubble numbers, but they didn’t do the uniforms justice, just like those hideous color block ones Georgia wore against Boise State that year. It should have never happened, but it did, and we’re glad to see them go away from it.

Then Thursday morning, the social team started dropping more photos and pictures about the jersey change, and it gave us chills. Once again proving their worth as a media team and why the Dawgs have the best in college football.

Seeing the videos of Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, David Pollack, and so many other Dawg legends have the block numbers on their chest brings back memories. Now that Georgia won a national championship — intimidation is something that comes with it.

Bubble numbers don’t intimidate — even though Georgia’s defense brings a scary vibe regardless of what they wear.

The drought is over, so now the Dawgs can end another drought with the dreaded bubble numbers. Some fans like the look, but most don’t because it doesn’t scream classic Georgia football, but now the uniforms look right again.

This move is the right one. There is no argument that it gives the Dawgs the best uniforms in college football. This change makes the iconic uniform that Georgia dons look as it should. Sure there are Alabama’s jerseys, Clemson’s, Oregon’s, and Ohio State’s, but none come close to looking this good.

Next. Georgia football has proof of being one of the best teams since 2000. dark

Georgia football brought the drip for the kids, which makes recruiting even better. New uniforms, more hard-looking jerseys to wear on visits are just what the doctor ordered. The Dawgs nailed it by unveiling the change. Georgia is on top of the college football world, and this change is officially the start of a new dominating era.