Georgia football: 2 big winners and losers of the 2022 NFL Draft

Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Nakobe Dean. (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)
Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Nakobe Dean. (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Georgia football
There is a general view of confetti on the ground during round five of the 2022 NFL Draft. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images) /

Losers: Atlanta Falcons

There are more than two losers on this list, but we will focus on the Atlanta Falcons. Georgia football had players that this program skipped and while they finally selected some Dawgs, something felt off about it. So many experts gave them an A for their draft grade, but it was a D in reality.

While the Falcons drafted two players in the end, it was the first time in 11 years that Atlanta drafted a player from Georgia since Akeem Dent. Then they tweeted they got a Dawg, and it felt almost sarcastic. It’s a tweet, and it’s speculation that it’s sarcasm, but still, they don’t have a strong track record.

We’re excited to see two Dawgs on the roster, but that doesn’t mean they are winners for selecting them. Nakobe Dean was there for the Falcons a few times, and they drafted other linebackers in front of him. Channing Tindall was also there, but the Falcons skipped over him too. Jamaree Salyer is another guy that would have made a great fit in Atlanta, but nope.

The Falcons passed up on Georgia players too often, and that will take a long time to get them on the winning side. Atlanta should know what kind of talent is an hour south of them, and instead, they draft elsewhere.

This draft proved they don’t want much to do with the Dawgs, and even with them drafting a pair of them to help Georgia break that NFL Draft record — it doesn’t seem genuine. Hopefully, Justin Shaffer and John Fitzpatrick will change the Falcons’ minds about drafting Georgia players, but we will see.