Georgia football players seen as epic Star Wars characters

Sanford Stadium is illuminated in red (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Sanford Stadium is illuminated in red (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /
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May 4th is a special holiday for anyone who loves galaxies far, far away. As a member of both the Georgia football and Star Wars fandoms, it was only fitting to incorporate the two together.

In January, Georgia recently overcame their own evil emperor to save the galaxy and restore faith. Since that epic battle on the far, far away planet of Indianapolis, the order has been restored, and the Dawgs sit on the throne.

Dawg fans find players and coaches as memorable as the Star Wars characters we’ve watched for years, so why not compare the two and find the perfect character matches? Despite being two totally different things, there are so many Dawg fans who also love this movie franchise.

Georgia football and Star Wars naturally go together, so here are the perfect cast comparisons.

The comparisons came naturally from droids, main characters, side characters, and everything in between. It was wild seeing how easy it was to pair up the characters with the players. Ashley Espie, one of the contributors here at Dawn of the Dawg helped create these excellent comparisons to construct this epic list.

After the Dawgs’ epic journey this past season, where we saw the good guys finally defeat Emperor Saban and his army of clones, it was easy to choose which members of the 2021 team would fit into a Star Wars film.

From going undefeated into the SEC Championship and falling short to rising a month later to break the curse — no one can convince me it wouldn’t make a fantastic Star Wars spin-off movie.

Countless Georgia players would also make great Star Wars characters throughout the years. Chris Conley, a former receiver, even made his own Star Wars short film that was ridiculously awesome.

Some other honorable mentions have to be special teams coach Scott Cochran as General Hux. He came to Georgia wanting to help take down Saban at all costs. Jake Camarda as Wedge Antilles, who is a lesser known character, but a helpful one just like the punter.

Darnell Washington as Cad Bane, Mike Bobo as Boba Fett — truly the list is unlimited.

However, the epic 2021 season and overcoming the dark side — Crimson is darker than that beautiful Georgia red — was too kismet not to compare.