This is the Georgia football fans’ biggest personality trait

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Georgia football fans have some of the best traditions in college football and some of the most exciting fans. Still, according to outsiders, they see only one personality trait.

Saturday Down South posted a graphic on social media defining each of the SEC’s fanbases with one word. Most of them were pretty spot on until the Georgia one, as they provided “barking” as the answer.

Own that personality trait, bark at everyone, and don’t stand for haters telling you otherwise. If that is the one word Saturday Down South wants to use, Dawg fans should wear it like a badge.

Georgia fans should embrace the biggest personality trait it takes to be a Dawg.

While barking isn’t the only thing Georgia fans do, it has become the way other fans troll the fanbase. At least the Dawgs’ didn’t get delusional or average.

However, this graphic would have been perfect if they used champions instead of barking. That would have gotten them twice the engagement the post already drew, and it would have been more clever.

I’m not upset at the barking comment, but it’s like a dig that backfired in their faces. Georgia fans embrace barking, and they will do it anywhere — church, restaurants, funerals, it doesn’t matter.

As defending national champions, the barking will get worse, but in all the right ways because it means the Dawgs are on top. Instead of trying to make a dig, Saturday Down South just made it a lot harder for the rest of the SEC because Georgia fans will bark all year long.

If other SEC fans thought the barking was terrible before, good luck. 

Telling a Georgia fan that barking isn’t okay is like telling an LSU fan that crawfish shouldn’t get served during a tailgate or telling an Alabama fan they won’t make it to the SEC Championship.

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Georgia has a dog mascot, so why wouldn’t they bark? Cats and other mascot fanbases don’t make their animal sounds because it would make them look less intimidating if they did.

Please don’t assume that it is our fault that Georgia has the best mascot. We’re just embracing that inner junkyard dawg as the football team curb stomps whoever they play.