Georgia football: Jordan Davis signs a heavy deal with Barberito’s

Georgia football is full of personalities that love Athens, and those in the Classic City adore them — especially Jordan Davis, who just signed a deal with Athens staple Barberito’s

Davis is now an Athens landmark himself because he is physically so big, but also because he is such a fan favorite.

Now that he is in the NFL, that celebrity status elevates a little more, so now he has a burrito named after him. He has officially made it because who doesn’t want a burrito named after them?

Georgia football fan favorite Jordan Davis signed a grande deal with Barbarito’s.

While he helped the Dawgs win the first national championship in 41 years, the Dawg nation loved him before that. From being an honorary Red Coat Band member to scoring a rushing touchdown on Senior Day, this young man won over the hearts of Georgia fans, and now he will forever be there.

This deal with Barberitos makes sense because it is such an Athens staple and a player like Davis is also one. His “Heavy-D Burrito” is appropriately named, and it fits him perfectly.

The Heavy-D has everything that comes with a standard burrito, but they double it. Yes, that’s two tortillas, two times the protein, and whatever else comes in the burrito.

That double size makes sense, with Davis being one of the biggest humans we’ve ever seen.

Davis could have left Athens after last year, but he chose to come back and sacrificed what would have likely been a decent contract.

Now he really made a lot of money because that decision to come back allowed him to become a first-round NFL Draft pick, sign a $17 million signing bonus, and is now adding endorsement deals.

However, those deals aren’t just random ones but show who he is as a person off the field. Signing with Barbs and collaborating with such an Athens establishment shows how much Davis loves Athens and Georgia.

Davis is how Georgia football wants its players to leave the program. He is a bright young man that will have an extensive NFL career, but Davis understands where he came from and who helped him get there, and he doesn’t forget it.

He is a damn good dawg, and now the fans can chow down on a burrito that reminds them of Davis.