Georgia football 101: Let’s discuss the greatest game ever and its basic rules

Sanford Stadium in Athens on Saturday April 16 on G-DaySanfordgday
Sanford Stadium in Athens on Saturday April 16 on G-DaySanfordgday /

Georgia football is part of the greatest sport ever — college football.

With Georgia football winning a national championship in 2021, many people are now interested in the sport, and we felt it was essential to include some educational content.

Not everyone grew up around the sport, so leave it up to us to help teach you the greatest sport ever.

We will break it down from offense positions, defense positions, and penalities to anything in between to help more people enjoy college football at the next level.

The Dawgs are a great team to do this with because head coach Kirby Smart is so technical in how he and his staff coach.

This first article will break down Georgia football at a basic level and some of the game’s basic rules to know. We’re taking it back to the very beginning as we will cover field length, quarters, downs, scoring and how many players can be on the field.

Georgia football is a part of the greatest game ever, and here are the basic rules.

As a woman in college football, I want to spread my knowledge of the game and help those interested in learning more about it.

This series isn’t just for women but anyone interested in learning more about football.

When I say basics, it’s important to bring it back all the way to the bare bone rules, so if you’re more advanced, there will be more content that will educate the new Dawg fans looking to enjoy football.

Basic College football things to know:

  • A college football field is 100-yards; Each end zone is 10-yards
  • 4 quarters — 15 minutes each
  • 4 downs to gain a first down
  • Touchdowns are six points
  • Field Goals are three points
  • Extra points are one point
  • A Safety is two points
  • Two-point conversion is two points

A regulation football field is 100 yards long. The middle of the field is called the 50-yard line, and teams can go by 10-yard or 5-yard increments in terms of how they paint the field.

For college football, each quarter is 15 minutes long. After two quarters, there is a halftime where the teams meet back in the locker room for a break before the final two quarters. The quarter lengths differ in high school and younger leagues.

When a team is on offense, they get four downs to cover 10-yards. If they do, it’s a first down, and the downs start again — or, as football savvy people call it, a fresh set of downs.

If they don’t cover 10-yards in four downs, there are a few options a team can do. They can either punt, kick a field goal if they are in range or go for it, which would result in a turnover if they don’t cross the first-down line.

The object of the game for Georgia football

Georgia and every other team want to score as many points as possible. They also want to prevent their opponent from scoring more than them.

There are four ways to score — touchdown, field goal, safety and two-point conversion. A touchdown can occur on either side of the ball and on special teams if a player returns it to the endzone.

If a defense pushes a team into its own endzone, that is a safety, resulting in two points. After the two points get added, there is a free kick from their own 20-yard line. The opponent cannot tackle the kicker in this play.

How many players can Georgia football have on each side of the ball?

Georgia football can sometimes fall victim to too many men on the field penalties, but how many is the appropriate amount?

A team can have 11 players on the field on offense and defense. There has to be 11 in the huddle, and if there are more after they break out of a huddle, a penalty will happen.

Usually, this penalty happens when a team is making personnel changes.

Georgia football 101 future

This article breaks down the bare basics of football, and we will continue with this series by looking deeper into the game. There will be articles on the offense, defense, special teams, penalties, individual positions, schemes for both sides of the ball and plenty more.

If there is a topic you’d like to learn more about, please reach out to us so we can include it! This first article will be a part of an ever-evolving series that we hope helps those interested.

Here at Dawn of the Dawg, we want to grow the fandom and help everyone understand the greatest game a little better.

It’s important to keep up to date with the basics and common football occurrences so kids, women and anyone interested in this game can find a place to do just that. Football is a sport loved by so many, so the more, the merrier.

Stay tuned for the next article as we break down the penalities of college football.

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