Georgia football: Predicting the 2023 class and portal haul

Georgia Bulldogs (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Georgia Bulldogs (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

Georgia football and the rest of the country will participate in the Early Signing Day festivities on Wednesday. The Dawgs are looking to close in on another strong recruiting class.

This signing day is the first of two periods that high school football recruits can sign letters of intent to the schools of their choice. The December period has become what the February one originally was, which stings for veteran recruiting lovers. Still, it gives teams a better idea of their class so they can use the second one as a closing time.

However, this time of year also features when transfer portal members can announce who their new school will be, which gives teams double the fun. Before all the recruits and transfer players make their decisions, let’s look at the class and predict who will round out the 2023 cycle.

The Dawgs will have around 30 available scholarships, but that number could change because of the unknown of others who will transfer. It’s a rough estimate, and those 30 include the incoming transfers.

Right now, the Dawgs have the No.2 overall class on 247Sports class behind Alabama, and that is where we think they will stay.

Predicting the 2023 Georgia football recruiting cycle members

We will go by position and mention the guys currently in the class, and those who we think will fill those spots left on the big board. The announcements will start early in the morning and go all throughout the day, so it’ll be an all-day affair.


It appears that Georgia will not sign a 2023 high school quarterback prospect. However, that doesn’t mean a quarterback could fall on the Dawgs’ doorsteps through the transfer portal. Also, the February signing day could bring a quarterback for this class. Georgia fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a quarterback in this class, though; it seems the Dawgs trust what they have on the roster right now.

Running back:


  • Roderick Robinson: 4-star

The lone running back in this 2023 class is Roderick Robinson, a 4-star from San Diego. At 6-1 and 230 pounds, he is a force of nature that will fit in perfectly at RBU. According to 247Sports, he ranks as the No. 13 running back and the No.14 player out of California.

Robinson will likely be the only running back in this class, but Georgia could add one more to this class. Marshawn Lloyd, a former South Carolina running back, is in the portal and someone the Dawgs could target, but that is in the air.


Currently committed:

  • Raymond Cottrell: 4-star
  • Tyler Williams: 4-star
  • Anthony Evans: 4-star
  • Yazeed Haynes: 4-star

This talented group of receivers features deep threats and the speedy wideouts that Georgia likes having on its roster. Cottrell is the No. 24 overall receiver, Williams is the No. 14, Evans is No. 35, and Haynes is No. 37.

Georgia could add one more high school receiver here in Deandre Moore, but to fill out this group, it’ll likely be through the transfer portal. RaRa Thomas and Dominic Lovett are the two main targets, and both seem to really like Georgia. They may not announce on Wednesday, but they could come sooner than later.

Tight End: 

Currently committed:

  • Pearce Spurlin: 4-star
  • Lawson Luckie: 4-star

The Dawgs have two tight ends in this 2023 class right now, but there is one massive target left out on the big board that could be coming to Athens. Spurlin is the No.3 tight end, and Luckie is the No. 8 guy, but there is still a guy that Georgia has its eyes on to sign with this class. Duce Robinson, a 5-star and No.1 overall tight end has Georgia in his finalists and could pick the Dawgs. Right now, the experts think he will go with USC, but Todd Hartley knows how to close with these big-name guys.

Offensive Line:

Currently Committed:

  • Monroe Freeling: 4-star
  • Bo Hughley: 4-star
  • Kelton Smith: 4-star
  • Jamal Meriweather: 3-star
  • Joshua Miller: 3-star

Georgia has five offensive line guys in this 2023 class and could add one more if there is enough room for him. Freeling is the highest-ranked guy, the No. 7 offensive tackle. Hughley is next, as he ranks as the No. 11 offensive tackle. Smith is the No. 11 interior offensive lineman,  Meriweather is the No. 41 offensive tackle, and Miller is the No. 47 interior offensive lineman.

This group feels solid and complete, so look for the Dawgs to use the scholarships elsewhere. However, you can never take too many linemen in each class.

Defensive Line: 

Currently Committed:

  • Jamaal Jarrett: 4-star

This position seems bare, but this group will feature the most movement on Wednesday. Jarrett ranks as the No. 23 defensive lineman, but he is a monster up front. He was a huge pickup for the Dawgs. Some names the Dawgs are targeting are Jordan Hall and Sydir Mitchell. Mitchell is committed to Texas, and that will likely be where he goes, but Hall is a massive target for the Dawgs.

Right now, Georgia sits in a good spot with Hall and might get good news from him on Wednesday. This group features the defensive linemen, and we will include the edge rushers in the linebacker group.


Currently Committed:

  • Troy Bowles:
  • Raylen Wilson:
  • Gabriel Harris: EDGE
  • Samuel M’Pemba: EDGE
  • CJ Allen:

Another linebacker class that this Georgia coaching staff knocked out of the park and will land another strong member in it on Wednesday. Right now, there are three linebackers and two edge rushers in it. There will likely be one more edge rusher in the group to give them an even six-person group.

M’Pemba is the top-rated guy in this position as he is the No. 6 edge rusher and is No. 36 overall. Raylen Wilson is the No. 3 linebacker and No. 53 overall. Bowles is the No. 63 overall and the No. 4 linebacker, and Allen is the No. 5 linebacker and No. 78 overall. Harris is the No. 15 edge rusher and the No. 88 overall player.

This group is stacked and could add Damon Wilson to the group, making it one of the best linebacker/edge rush groups in a couple of classes. However, it’s hard to say that because every year, it feels like Georgia lands the best linebackers in their cycles.

Secondary/ Special Teams

Currently Committed:

  • Chris Peal: 4-star
  • Joenel Aguero: 5-star
  • AJ Harris: 5-star
  • Justin Rhett: 4-star
  • Peyton Woodring: 3-star

This group could add one to two more guys, and Georgia could do that on Wednesday with Kyron Jones and Daniel Harris. However, the Dawgs currently have a stacked secondary class so any more additions will be the cherries on top. Georgia also has a great kicker in this class from Louisiana.

AJ Harris is the No. 3 cornerback and the No. 32 overall. He is one of the five stars in this class. Aguero is the No. 46 overall and the No. 4 safety. He is probably the best safety in the country in terms of upside and will be a significant contributor for the Dawgs. Peal is the No. 24 cornerback and is another addition that should make many people happy. Rhett rounds out the current group as the No. 30 cornerback.

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Georgia has a lot going on in the next 24 hours, but it should result in another incredible recruiting class. The Dawgs are recruiting masterminds, and this cycle will just follow in line with their history. Georgia could get these guys tomorrow, but some could wait until February.