Georgia football has played, but never beaten, these teams

head coach Vince Dooley. Mandatory Credit: Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY NETWORK
head coach Vince Dooley. Mandatory Credit: Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY NETWORK /
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The Georgia football program is and has been one of the premier programs in the country. And while the Bulldogs have seen a lot of success, there are still some teams they’ve yet to beat.

When you think about Georgia football, you probably think about SEC titles, bruising running backs, defensive studs, and a long, winning tradition.

The teams that Georgia has never played was a longer list and many of the teams the Dawgs may never play without a strange happening of circumstance.

But has Georgia been able to beat every team they’ve ever played? No, certainly not. But fortunately, the list of teams who have gotten the best of the Dawgs every time is pretty short.

Georgia has played 82 different FBS teams and has come up winless against only eight of them. That’s not a bad percentage in the big picture.

Most of the teams on this list have only had one meeting with the Bulldogs, and in many cases, it was so long ago there are few people living who remember the game.

Who has the Georgia football team played but never beaten?

Starting with some non-FBS teams, Georgia has a goose egg in the win column against these FCS or even defunct football programs.

Holy Cross: O-3
Harvard: 0-1
Cumberland: 0-1
Chicago: 0-1

Most of those games were played in the early 1900s and in the 1920s, the most recent being a game against Holy Cross in 1939.

The only one of those teams that Georgia could potentially take some revenge on is Harvard, but the chances of Georgia and an Ivy League team meeting up are pretty slim. So, Georgia fans may just have to live with the records against those four.

Next, the FBS teams Georgia has never beaten, in chronological order based on the last meeting.