Georgia Football: Javon Bullard tells Ohio State to move on

Javon Bullard breaks up a pass to Marvin Harrison Jr. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Javon Bullard breaks up a pass to Marvin Harrison Jr. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Javon Bullard and Georgia football just told Ryan Day, Marvin Harrison Jr, and the rest of Ohio State to move on!

Finally! Look, that CFP semifinal game was a classic, maybe a top-five game in the modern era. But it has been ruined by Ohio State. Fans, players, and coaches complained about Bullard’s hit on Harrison Jr.

I’m not going to argue if it’s a clean hit or not (it was, we play grown-man football down here). But let’s get a few things straight. First, Harrison wasn’t going to catch that ball, two if the hit doesn’t happen Harrison being in the game doesn’t mean a victory for the Buckeyes.

The guy did catch a pass the entire 3rd quarter! The 3rd quarter ended on that play!

It’s just a silly narrative that Ohio State fans put in their head, so they can cope with the fact they choked a National title away.

I know Ohio State fans, they are the Yankee version of Alabama fans. This is pretty funny given the fact both fan bases cry about a wide receiver being out the rest of the game and that’s why they lost to Georgia!

Ohio State and Alabama fans believe god himself anointed them kings of college football. They have this sense of unearned arrogance that has driven me crazy for the past decade. Alabama has more of a claim for being arrogant than Ohio State.

I am glad Bullard said something. It is time for us to all move on. The game was last season and the dawn of the new season is upon us. It’s time for all fan bases to move on.

I’ll conclude with this. Wouldn’t it be nice if Georgia played Alabama and Ohio State this season? Personally, I wanted Alabama to win the SEC West last year so we could crush their souls for a second year in a row. It would be nice to drive that stake in the Alabama boogie-man.

Given how Ohio State has cried and whined all offseason; wouldn’t it be nice if the Dawgs played them again for the title? But this time leave no doubt. How sweet of a season would that be?

Win three in a row and beat Alabama and Ohio State! Sign me up! I know many of you would want the same.