Georgia Football: Don’t worry about Bobo

Mike Bobo (Getty Images)
Mike Bobo (Getty Images) /

Georgia Football fans have been known to worry. This time around they are worried about Mike Bobo taking over play-calling duties. 

There is always a sense of uneasiness when something changes, especially when the change is replacing your previous offensive coordinator who averaged 41.6 points per game. But I am here to tell you everything will be ok.

Why can you trust me? Well go back and look at Bobo’s first tenure at Georgia. From 2006 to 2014 Mike Bobo was the offensive coordinator. Think about some of those offenses. Not in one of the seasons was the offense the problem looking at you Willie Martnez and Todd Gratham.

In 2012, Georgia offensively was probably the most explosive team outside of Oregon that year. Look at that roster that season and it’s a shame Georgia did not win the National Title.

But the reason why Bobo’s offenses couldn’t beat the LSU and Alabama’s of that time is because Georgia was not physical.

They weren’t physical against LSU in 2011 and they were not physical enough to beat Alabama. Now that’s not all on Bobo. But I don’t think Kirby Smart is going to roll out a non-physical imposing team.

That’s one of the pillars of Georgia football since Kirby took over. Toughness.

Couple that with not having a bigger offensive lineman and that’s the reason why Georgia never won a title under Richt and why Bobo never won one when he was the OC.

If you are still worried about Bobo, and having an inexperienced QB taking over this season, look at the QB production Bobo got from them. Greene, Shockley, Stafford, Murray.

Those are the big four but also look at Joe Cox and Hutson Mason. They were serviceable QBs.  Hutson Mason was the QB in 2014. That 2014 offense was and still is the highest-scoring offense in Georgia football history!

Mike Bobo can coach the Quarterback position pretty well. With Beck probably taking over, I am not worried that Beck will be a dud. I have faith in what Bobo has done in the past.

The argument against Bobo is rather silly. The detractors say “Bobo didn’t do anything outside of Georgia.” Yeah, sure Bobo did anything because he did not have any talent when he was at Colorado State, South Carolina, and Auburn. But now at Georgia, he has a ton of talent to use on the field.

In his presser, Bobo said he has grown as a coach and is different from the first time he coached at Georgia. Bobo is right, he’s older and probably wiser. But if the Bobo that was calling plays in 2012 is the same Bobo calling plays in 2023; look for the Dawgs to play in the national title again.