Georgia Football: Stop trying to dilute the brand

Knowshon Moreno runs with ball against Auburn during the 2007 game. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Knowshon Moreno runs with ball against Auburn during the 2007 game. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

Georgia football is known for its red helmets, Red jerseys, and silver britches. That’s the look. It’s a classic look that will never change.

So the other day I saw this posted on Twitter or X or whatever you call it now:

Look I am from the younger generation, and I like looking at different uniform combinations. But this is not the look. I like Georgia wearing traditional uniforms. Sorry, I am not that excited for Georgia to become Oregon. The only alternate uniform the Dawgs should ever wear is the blackout jersey.

What is this white helmet? White isn’t even Georgia’s primary color. These bulldog eyes cannot unsee the hideous all-white uniform. Where is the red and black?

To those readers out there that disagree about this, I am sorry. But Georgia has a brand. A brand needs to be consistent. USC, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, LSU, and Notre Dame all wear the same unis since helmets were made mandatory in 1939.

Maybe some of the well-informed readers will say  “Well some of those teams wear alternates and Alabama wore white helmets from time to time up till the 80s!” Fair point. But all those teams including Georgia all wear the normal get-ups in the big games.

Now I will concede one point, the red pants for Georgia are pretty cool. But those should be worn maybe one away game a year. I’ll meet you there. I also would not mind Georgia wearing the uniforms that the ‘42 Rose Bowl team and Fran Tarkenton teams wore. The silver helmets, red jersey with silver numbers, and silver pants. That’s a great look. Those should be worn at homecoming each year. Maybe it’s because that’s the uniform my grandpa liked best and it reminds me of him, but I do not mind that. I’ve never seen that look in my lifetime, but wouldn’t it be cool to get into the stadium for warm-ups and see the dawgs in silver helmets? I would think so.

In fairness, we all know Kirby Smart is not going to change Georgia uniforms. Smart hates any change in the uniform. We have only worn black jerseys 3 times in 7 years. Kirby Smart is the same man, who took the dog bones off the helmets. All business. On a personal note, I do miss those Black and white dog bones. It was a unique touch. But outside of the black jerseys and the two throwback uniforms, I do not want Georgia to dilute the brand. The power G means something and it’s recognizable to someone living in Bozeman, Montana. So, stop trying to ruin it on social media! Get off my lawn!

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