Georgia Football: Week 2 best bets and predictions

Georgia quarterback Carson Beck (15) heads to the locker room after his first game as the teams starting quarterback after a NCAA college football game against Tennessee Martin in Athens, Ga., on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2023. Georgia won 48-7.
Georgia quarterback Carson Beck (15) heads to the locker room after his first game as the teams starting quarterback after a NCAA college football game against Tennessee Martin in Athens, Ga., on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2023. Georgia won 48-7. /

Georgia football takes on Ball State this Saturday. In this week two matchup, the Dawgs are 42-point favorites. So, once again, we will not be picking the Georgia game. However, we will pick that game next week against South Carolina. It will be nice to watch Georgia play a decent opponent, finally. Speaking of South Carolina, they embarrassed my picks last week. In total, I went 2-2 on team picks and went 1-3 in spreads. Tough week for the spreads. But in picks, going .500 is not shabby. So here we go, Week 2 picks!

Illinois vs. Kansas (-5) over/under 57- Ceasers

  • Date: September 8, 2023 
  • Game Time: 7:35 pm 
  • Venue: David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium
  • How to Watch ESPN2 Streaming on fuboTV: 

I like Kansas a ton in this game. I also like Jalon Daniels, the Jayhawk QB. I did not watch much Kansas or Illinois football last week, but saw Illinois barely beat Toledo. Illinois needs a game-winning field goal to squeak a victory over a MAC team. That’s not what we want to see before you play a big game on the road.

Illinois is supposed to have a good defense, but giving 28 points to Toledo is not going to cut it against a talented QB.

If I were not born a Georgia football fan, I would be pulling hard for Kansas. It’s a feel-good story. A program once the joke of college football is now a decent team making bowls. It is what CFB is all about. I am a sucker for those types of stories. I was a sucker for TCU last year. So give me the Jayhawks and give me the over. Rock Chalk Jayhawk? Did I do that right?

Nebraska Cornhuskers  (+3) vs. Colorado Buffaloes over/under 59.5 – Ceasers

  • Date: September 9, 2023
  • Game Time: 12:00 pm
  • How to Watch (Fox) Streaming on fuboTV

The hype train for Coach Prime is almost now becoming a freight train. Last week, the Buffs won against TCU in a thriller. Since Saturday afternoon, the hype around Deion Sanders and his team has only grown. That is the exact opposite for Matt Rhule and the Cornhuskers. Who lost their season opener against Minnesota 13-10. Not a great start for the Big Red. At one point in the ‘90s, this game was the rivalry game in college football.  Nebraska has dominated the rivalry since they started playing, but both teams dislike one another.

Shedeur Sanders made a believer out of me. The guy can throw a really pretty ball. I came away more impressed with the young Sanders, more so than anything else that happened for the Buffs. I know Prime will say I am not a believer, and I am not yet. I’m just not sold on bringing in 80-something players, and all of a sudden, you are a team that goes bowling after only winning one game last year. So I’ll take Nebraska with the points.

The over/under is hard for me to pick. On the one hand, Colorado can’t tackle air; on the other, Nebrska’s offense looked putrid last week. So, given those math equations, I’ll take the under? I am not 100% bought in on that, so do not follow that blindly. Also, have you seen Colorado games after week 3? Coach Prime better hope they win the next few games!

Texas A&M Aggies vs. Miami Hurricanes (+4) over/under 51

  • Date: September 9, 2023 
  • Game Time: 3:30 pm 
  • Venue: Hard Rock Stadium
  • How to Watch (ABC) Streaming on fuboTV

Both team’s fanbases will entirely overreact to whatever happens Saturday. If A&M wins, they are back again; if The U wins, they get into the DeLorean, and it’s 1988 all over again. I have no idea who wins this game. I think Mario Cristobal is a good coach and a fantastic recruiter. I think Jimbo Fisher is still stuck in the past.

I have no earthly idea who wins this game. However, Miami played 15 freshmen last week. I will always stick with the more veteran-led team in a big game early in the season. That is the Aggies of A&M. So I’ll begrudgingly pick the Aggies to win. I will, however, pick the over to have something to pull for. I dislike both teams, so I have to have a reason to cheer for something.

So, I’ll cheer for points. I love points. Hopefully, for the overs’ sake, the Aggies offense isn’t like Bobby Petrino riding motorcycles. Give me the Aggies and the over.

Ole Miss Rebels vs. Tulane Green Wave (+7.5 ) over/under 66

  • Date: September 9, 2023
  • Game Time: 3:30 pm
  • Venue: Yulman stadium (Tulane)
  • How to Watch (ABC) Streaming on fuboTV

Ah, a top-25 SEC matchup…. I still accept Tulane as an SEC team even though they left the league in 1966. These two teams first met in 1893 and have played 70 times. Ole Miss won 42 times, while Tulane has only won 28 times. Fun fact: There has never been a tie in this matchup. Everyone is complaining about the evils of expansion in college football. It is nice to see old rivalries start back up again.

This line stinks to high heaven. Why is Ole Miss only 7 point favorite to a G5 school? Yulman Stadium is not an intimidating stadium. So why is Ole Miss only a 7-point favorite? Tulane is probably the best G5 school out there, so I greatly respect them and their coach, Willie Fritz. The last time these two teams squared off, Ole Miss won 61-21. But that was 2021, and it’s 2023. This line is stinky, and I think the oddsmakers are telling us something we do not know yet. So give me Tulane and give the over.

Both teams cannot play defense to save their lives, and Lane Kiffin will be too worried about his dog retrieving kicking tees to do anything about the putrid display of tackling.

Texas Longhorns vs. Alabama Crimson Tide (-7 ) over/under 54

  • Date: September 9, 2023
  • Game Time: 7:00 pm
  • Venue: Bryant-Denny Stadium
  • How to Watch (ESPN) Streaming on fuboTV

Two great SEC programs square off Saturday night in one of the biggest games in 2023. Can I get something off my chest before I pick? Why are Texas and Alabama getting to play, but Georgia and Oklahoma are not? Does that make sense to you? Another point goes to the conspiracy theory that Alabama controls the SEC league office.

All offseason, I heard how Texas is so back. Does that sound like the past 15 years? I also heard how you shouldn’t doubt Nick Saban. I am doubting Nick Saban, and I am doubting that Texas is back. Texas might have the flashy new toys on offense, but they do not have the linemen or depth to go into Bryant-Denny and beat Bama. I just do not see it happening. Also, the Alabama dynasty is dying, so no matter what the media narrative is after they win, do not believe it.

Texas is overrated, but I bet they play Alabama close. The Tide roll to a 10-point victory at home. Give me Bama and the points, and give me the over. Wait until Texas starts throwing on Alabama’s defense, and all the Bama fans have a freakout. Enjoy it, Georgia fans.

That will do it for the week two picks. Enjoy the last Saturday, where you don’t have to sweat out a Georgia football game. Rolling out of bed knowing Georgia should win and win big, it will be lovely. I missed those days in the summer. Thankfully, we have one more Saturday like that.

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