Georgia football: Sunday afternoon thoughts and feelings

Georgia coach Kirby Smart speaks with Ball State coach Mike Neu before the start of a NCAA college football game against Ball State in Athens, Ga., on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023.
Georgia coach Kirby Smart speaks with Ball State coach Mike Neu before the start of a NCAA college football game against Ball State in Athens, Ga., on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023. /

Georgia football beat Ball State 45-3. If you went on Twitter when the 1st quarter ended, you probably would have thought Georgia was losing 24-0 early. Some in the fan base complained about Bobo, others complained about Beck, and others were confused about why people complained.

It was only two drives. Two. Two that will not make any difference come December. In the grand scheme of things, this game matters very little. The only reason why it has any significance is that it gives the team time to gel before playing the conference. This game matters very little.

I still do not know this team. The team also needs time to develop itself and know who they are. I have no clue what this team is capable of because Georgia has not played anybody. How can I decide on the Dawgs if they have played high school teams on steroids? This team right now has no personality.

In the first games of the past two seasons, fans knew the personality of their teams. Because of playing UT-Martin and Ball State, Georgia, some, including myself, do not know who this team is. We should find out when we play South Carolina, but I’m worried that I still will not know because, not to jinx us, but the Gamecocks stink.

So, who is Georgia? What can this team achieve? I feel like it is a national championship, but I am not sure. The talent is there, and the Dawgs should be one of the top teams in the country. But again, they haven’t played any real competition. As a fan base, we cannot draw conclusions. Unlike this guy:

This guy stinks! They did not score on two drives and should have gotten points out of the first! What are we talking about here, my man? As I tried to find this tweet, I stumbled upon a tweet that should give those worried about the offensive line and the running back depth a little more confidence.

Stats aside, Georgia football is going to be hard to beat. Eventually, they are going to explode for points. Ask Ohio State and LSU. Furthermore, unlike Alabama, Georgia is not going to beat itself. So opponents are going to have to play perfectly. So, while some in the Georgia fan base think the sky is falling, I am in the wait-and-see phase of the season. Hopefully, Georgia will dismantle South Carolina, and we won’t have to hear about Bobo being unable to coach an offense. Also, hopefully, we don’t have to hear people complain about Carson Beck.

In his post-game press conference, Kirby Smart said last week’s practice was the best week of practice Georgia football has had since he became the head coach. While some probably do not care about that note from Smart, I do. That tells me that this Georgia team cares and is a good team. Practice is essential, and if the team is having a good week of practice when they are playing a lesser opponent, the next week will be on the same level. Smart challenged the players this week to improve, and that is precisely what they did. So, I am not going to worry about the little things.

Everything will be OK. We have South Carolina at home this week. Watch that game and take whatever you want from it. That is more realistic than taking two cupcake games and saying Georgia is “fill in the blank.” I am not worried one bit.

Sidebar: This blog was supposed to be written by this morning, but blame the Auburn and Cal game. It was one of the worst-played D1 games my eyes have ever seen. Also, why is an SEC team playing a game that starts at 10:30 p.m. on the East Coast? It was so hard staying up, but I did it. So, apologies for not having a morning-after blog; we will call it Sunday afternoon thoughts.

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