Georgia Football: Kirby Smart speaks on 2024 Spring Practice

2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Perry McIntyre/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Georgia Football is in its second week of spring practice. The Dawgs have only had three practices when Kirby Smart spoke with the media Tuesday afternoon, but they will have their first scrimmage this Saturday.

This is a gentle reminder to check out the blog on Saturday for some news and notes about the scrimmage. This blogger will work to get the inside skinny on what happened during that scrimmage; if I have to stand outside of Sanford Stadium to see the scrimmage, I will! (that is not a threat, Kirby)

Speaking of Kirby Smart, he met with the media on Monday and opened his press conference by saying he is excited about this 2024 version of Georgia Football. Smart said that the overall feeling for this spring was youth. Smart noted that many mid-year players and transfers have made the practices feel that way. 

The Dawgs have about 33% of their roster with new faces, whether transfers or incoming freshmen. Smart and his players have echoed the new mantra when meeting with the media: "Get better mindset.” Smart said the team needs that mindset because of its youth and inexperience. Furthermore, Smart does not want to overwhelm the younger and newer guys on the team because there is so much to work on and correct. 

Speaking of the new mantra, Smart was asked about the one he dropped off at the Macon Touchdown Club on Monday. Smart said during his speaking engagement with the Macon Touchdown Club, “Assume nothing.” Smart said he did not come up with that; he got some help from Nike founder Phil Knight. Smart said he has been on vacation with Knight and studied their (Nike’s) success.

Smart said to be successful, you have to study successful people and businesses. I would've liked to have told you, the fine readers of Dawn of the Dawg, about the meaning of the “Assume Nothing” mantra, but the guy who usually posts Smart’s speeches to the Macon Touchdown Club on YouTube was asked by the Club to take his video down. Which is silly, but whatever. That is a war I will fight offline. 

This time of year for football, what some call the offseason, there is always a focus on quarterbacks. Georgia’s quarterback Carson Beck was mentioned in the presser, and Smart’s spring theme applies to Beck. Smart said that Beck's area of growth is being confident, especially in the Dawgs' new receivers. However, Smart said that the trust between Beck and receivers must be earned, not given. 

The Dawgs have three transfer receivers, and with Bowers, McConkey, and Rosmeary-Jacksaint gone, Beck will have to trust the three new transfer receivers and the receivers still on the roster. Colbie Young is one of those receivers. He was injured early this spring but has been able to practice. London Humphreys is another one of the trio of transfers. He has only played two years of college football. Smart added that Micheal Jackson III has made plays this spring. 

The last player of note that was mentioned by Smart was Center Jared Wilson. Smart said he was excited for the world to see him play. Smart added that Wilson is one of the more athletic guys on the team and said he was faster than some of the DBs the Dawgs have.

Look, I already listed Wilson as one of my breakout stars for spring ball, so I have high hopes for him, but I do not think a center can outrun a defensive back. We will have a long season if Wilson outruns a UGA defensive back. But the point is that Wilson will be an impressive player for the Dawgs. 

Lastly, Smart was asked about coaches leaving college football or coaching in the pros. I have written much about this topic and will write more soon. College football needs help with its calendar, the N.I.L., and the transfer portal. Smart has also mentioned all of those things.

Smart said there is no crying on his end, but he wants what is best for the players. Smart said that the rules are more in favor of the younger players and not the older ones. Smart added that he would like to see more of a balance. 

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