Georgia football loses key player as Jamon Dumas-Johnson enters portal

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Georgia football loses Jamon Dumas-Johnson to the portal. This one is the most shocking and impactful player to hit the portal for Georgia. Dumas-Johnson started 24 games for the Dawgs over the past two years. Dumas-Johnson could have started close to 30 games for the Dawgs if not for the forearm injury he suffered against Missouri.  

Dumas-Johson is the third inside linebacker to hit the portal this season. He joins EJ Lightsey and Xavian Sorey, entering the portal from that position group. 

Dumas-Johson was part of the 2021 class with Sorey and Smael Mondon Jr. Georgia still does not know if Mondon will leave for the pros or stay another year for the Dawgs. 

Dumas-Johnson leaving is a major blow to a strong linebacker core, but the linebacking core is strong. CJ Allen played in Dumas-Johnson's role when he went down with injury and played extremely well. 

Furthermore,  Raylen Wilson earned SEC All-Freshman Honors this year, and Georgia has talented Troy Bowels. Georgia also is expected to sign 5-star linebacker Justin Williams and two other backers. 

Many fans on social media were shocked when the news hit late Thursday night. Many wondered why Dumas-Johnson would want to hit the portal after being a starter for two years. 

For speculation, people with inside sources to the Georgia football program believe that Dumas-Johnson lost his job to CJ Allen after the freshman showed his skill set when playing for the injured Dumas-Johnson. This makes the most sense as to why Dumas-Johnson felt like he had to leave Georgia. 

This move from Dumas-Johnson also makes those worry about what Mondon does with his decision to go pro or stay another year. Both players (Mondon and Dumas-Johnson) are extremely close and are also roommates. One could imagine that having some impact on Mondon's decision. 

I could be 100% wrong here, but Kirby Smart is cleaning the house and telling certain players to hit the portal. I could be totally wrong, but some moves have signaled that to me. Most of the transfers were players on the defense, and this year's defense was not up to Georgia's defensive standards. Again, I want to reiterate that it is pure speculation on my part. 

Either way, welcome to the new age of college football. It will take some of us time to get used to it. But this is a new era, which will happen much more in the coming years. Jamon Dumas-Johnson will be missed, and his contributions to the 2022 National Championship team will never be forgotten.   

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