Georgia Football mourns the loss of a passionate super fan

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Georgia Football has always been known for its deep history and rabid fans. Monday evening, it was announced that one of the Dawgs' most prominent Georgia fans had passed away at the young age of 45. 

Woods was known as Big Dawg III and was part of the wealthy family tradition. His father and grandfather both dawned the painted Bulldog on their head. Trent Woods took over after his father passed away in 2017. Trent carried on the legacy and did a great job filling big shoes. 

According to an AJC article, Woods had been dealing with an undisclosed health issue for weeks, but his death was a shock to his family. As mentioned, the Woods family has painted their heads for three generations. Trent’s grandfather, Lonnie Woods, the first  “Big Dawg,” started the head-painting tradition when Georgia played Notre Dame for the national championship in 1981. Trent’s father, Mike Woods, ‘Big Dawg II,’ continued the tradition until he died in 2017.

If you have ever been to or watched a Georgia football game, the odds are that you have seen one of the three Woods with their head painted. It is a part of the Georgia football gameday tradition and has been for as long as I have been around. 

It might seem silly to people looking on the outside looking in, but it was a fixture of the many gameday traditions for the Georgia fans and the Woods family. Trent Woods needed to carry on his grandfather and father's legacy. This was highlighted in a segment that College Gameday did on Woods and his family legacy. 

I do not want to get too personal, especially when talking about someone's passing, but the end of that clip gets me every time. “For me, Georgia Football is my Grandfather and Father and then the game. Thank God for Georgia football because that is what I got to do with my family.” 

Most of us can relate to that quote. Georgia Football is not just a sport or a team; it is tradition and family. Many do not understand that, and that is ok, but if you are like me and grew up going or watching games with your dad, uncles, grandpa, aunts, mom, and grandma, you understand precisely what he meant by that quote. Hopefully, the tradition does not end, and someone in the Woods family takes over. 

Trent Woods: a Damn Good Dawg

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