Georgia Football mourns the loss of Que aka UGA X

Auburn v Georgia
Auburn v Georgia / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Georgia Football, The University of Georgia, and the entire Bulldog nation are in mourning. This afternoon, it was announced that Que, aka UGA X, had passed away peacefully in his sleep earlier in the morning. Que was born on May 27, 2013. He died at ten years old, just a few months away from his 11th birthday. But Que was 70 years old in dog years; for a bulldog, that is a long and fruitful life. 

Que took over the reign as Georgia's official live mascot on November 21st, 2015 when the Dawgs played and beat Georgia Southern in overtime. That is also Mark Richt’s last home game coaching Georgia Football.

Que is the winningest UGA ever, with 91 wins and only 18 losses. Que also has Two SEC and national titles to go along with being the winningest UGA ever. Que retired after the 2022 season, the national title win against TCU. 

Que will now join the rest of his brethren inside Sanford Stadium to be laid to rest for all of eternity. It is sad anytime you lose a UGA, but from a positive perspective, this is the first UGA in a while to not only serve for nearly ten years but also not die during his tenure. 

I like to imagine that when the Seiler family forced Que to retire, he lost his sense of purpose and died, similar to Bear Bryant. Que watched Boom take over, saw that the team was in good hands with him at the helm, and passed away. There is something romantic about that thought. They should make a movie out of it. It would crush Marley and Me at the box office. If you want to talk about a tear-jerker, the UGA X story would have people sobbing. 

I was upset when I heard the news, probably like many of you. But Que was the UGA when I was going to school at Georgia and was a staple at every home game for the students. Pre-game, long before the teams came out for warm-ups, Que would come trotting out at the back of the east endzone to barking and cheering from the filled student section. It always made me laugh that the entire student section would go bananas over UGA just coming out. 

But it was also sad for me because this UGA was the first UGA I saw have the collar ceremony in person. I was there in 2015 when he became UGA, and I was there for G-Day in 2023 when he passed the collar over to Boom. Furthermore, Que and I both left Georgia at the same time. Thankfully, I am still alive. 

I do want to know if UGA gets national championship rings. And if they do, will Que be buried with them like an Egyptian Pharaoh? On a more serious note, I know Damn Good Dawg gets thrown around alot when talking about people who are associated with Georgia. But, the term stemmed from Georgia students chanting it when UGA I retired. To me, and I know I am biased, but Que, aka UGA X, is the best example of a DAMN GOOD DAWG! 

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