Georgia Football vs Kirk Herbstreit: round two

SEC Championship - Georgia v LSU
SEC Championship - Georgia v LSU / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages

So last week, I wrote the headline: Kirk Herbstreit: The New Enemy of Georgia Football. Look, I meant every word I said on that blog. But I can change my opinion on a lot of things. But my feelings on the matter have not changed at all. My opinion on the matter got even stronger over the weekend. While everyone else was focused on the Super Bowl, I was stewing on this matter. 

First, start with Kirk Herbstreit's appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show. So Kirk gets on there to clear the air and his name of any wrongdoing. No reasonable person could get upset with that. We live in America, and if you are ever accused of something, you have the ability to defend your name! Kirk was on there for quite some time, but his appearance can be boiled down to this clip: 

I came away with two things from that quote. One, someone is lying. Two, Kirk still should have never been in that situation. Let's tackle the first thing I came away with. Raiola's dad said what he said offhandedly. He did not think much about name-dropping Kirk Herbstreit and just moved on after saying what he said. Kirk completely denies what Dominic Raiola said in that interview. Someone is lying or misrepresenting the events that happened during that phone call. 

I am not sure we will ever get the truth on what happened during that phone call, but this leads me to my next thought. Herbie should not have said anything! Why was he ever even in that situation? Herbstreit's defense of “what should I say, Matt Rhule is a bad guy, a bad coach” is crazy! No, Herbie, you should have said nothing! You should not be involved in recruiting at all! 

But if you had read my previous post on the matter, you would have already known what Kirk would say. I nearly got it down word for word! But that is expected from someone who has an Ohio State degree. 

Lastly, there are alot of talking heads out there saying you should not care about this story. They are pushing the narrative that Georgia fans cry about not getting a 5-star. Talking heads like Josh Pate. 

I like Pate and have been following his “Late Kick” show since 2018 or 2019. I know many Georgia fans accuse him of being a Bama guy. He could be an Alabama fan, and I do not care; I think his insight is a breath of fresh air in the college football media, and he has been one of the more level-headed guys in the media. Furthermore, he cares about the sport of college football and is not into the hot takes. 

With all that being said, he is 100% wrong on this take. I do not care what his me-maw said. My nana always told me to care about “Them Dawgs” and nothing else. Her advice applies in this situation and, frankly, in almost every situation. What Herbstreit did or did not do is a problem. 

Nothing will come out of this situation except Georgia fans hating College Gameday and Kirk Herbstreit.

My only hope is that Herbie learned not to stick his nose in recruiting matters, especially in the SEC. He should have known better not to get involved with someone being recruited by an SEC Powerhouse. Georgia fans follow recruiting closely, and I was shocked that the story took so long to come out. Seeing how Herbie is greeted in Athens when Gameday comes to town will be interesting. 

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