Kirk Herbstreit: The New Enemy of Georgia Football

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Georgia Football fans have had their share of villains. Tim Tebow, Sheldon Richardson, Erik Ainge, and Gary Danielson are just a few. But now we have a new one that we knew was an enemy, but some of us were not 100% sure if he was an enemy. That person would be Kirk Herbstreit. 

If you did not know, Coner Riley of Dawgnation posted that Herbie told Raiola to flip his commitment from Georgia to Nebraska. Here is the quote from Raiola's dad:

"“When he saw the smoke about Dylan entertaining Nebraska, he called me,” Dominic Raiola said. “‘Dude, Is this true? He [Dylan] got to do it. He got to do it.’ His [Herbstreit] affinity for Nebraska, for a guy like that to tell me and get behind me. I knew he needed to do it. But I wasn’t going to sit here and say, ‘You need to go change that place or be a part of the change of that place.’"

Look, I do not care that Raiola went to Nebraska instead of Georgia. It is his choice, and he can live however he wants. So good for him, congratulations, blah, blah, blah. Okay. I got the nice stuff out of the way. My problem is with Herbie. 

First, isn’t Kirk’s job to be an analyst and not the kingmaker of college football? He is supposed to observe and digest what happened or what will happen during a game. Herbie does that on College Gameday and the ESPN Primetime game. Should an analyst be in the ear of a high school recruit? Is that not a conflict of interest? Look, if a journalist did something like that, they would not only be crucified by the public (and rightfully so) but also be fired! Why do the rules not apply to Herbie? 

I don't know what to tell you if this does not bother you. I can tell you my fire is lit, and my wood is not wet. I am seeing red right now writing this! No announcer, analyst, or whatever Kirk Herbstreit's title is should ever get involved with a recruit's decision. 

Herbie needs to keep his nose out of recruits' potential landing spots and worry about the plummeting ratings on College Gameday. Or stop playing slap and tickle with Pat Mcaffee(the king of drips) and try to recreate what College Gameday used to be! Oh wait, they fired one of the critical pieces, David Pollack, to give Mcafee a massive contract so he can put a WWE spin on college football. Thanks ESPN! 

But I am the least bit surprised that Herbie did this. He has disliked Georgia since the 1993 Citrus Bowl. That is the game where our dearly beloved Kirk was the QB for the Buckeyes and cost them the game late. During the Peach Bowl media day event, Will Muschamp took a light-hearted jab at Herbie about that game, and Kirk seemed hurt and upset by Muschamp’s comments. But again, that type of response is expected by someone born on third base. The only reason he was even on that Ohio State team was that his dad was and still is an Ohio State legend. 

This guy also picks against Georgia every time he can and, for the past three years, has not picked Georgia to win the SEC or national titles. Then says stuff like I think it’s LSU and Alabama’s to lose this year. Okay, Kirk! 

This should anger every Georgia fan and the people working inside Butts-Mehre. Herbstreit crossed a boundary that should never be crossed.

I don't know why he even did what he did! I am sure his defense will be like this: “Well, look, Georgia is one of the best programs in college football. What Kirby Smart has done at Georgia is incredible. I mean, look at the athletes they have compared to everybody else! Plus, they have Beck returning and a bunch of solid dudes in that quarterback room. You know College football is better when Nebraska is in it, and really, I thought, what a great story! So to the Georgia fans, relax; I mean c’mon, you have one of the best programs and probably will win another title soon! I think Nebraska needed him more!”  (Read this in Kirk’s voice, and it sounds like anything he ever says) 

So, Georgia fans, we have a new enemy. I think next time Gameday does a Georgia game, all the Dawgs fans in attendance should boo Herbie whenever he speaks. Kirk Herbstreit needs to atone for his crimes against the Dawgs! Georgia has a new enemy, and it is one of the biggest voices in College Football. 

Also, to end the blog with one more insult: Herbstreit, your dog is ugly; stop forcing him down our throats! Sometimes we want to watch football not your dog, we have our own at home, thanks! Also, I talked to UGA and did not have nice things to say about Ben.

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