Georgia Bulldogs Only Wish They Could Hold a Pity Party like Big Blue’s


The Georgia Bulldogs are happy with a 20-win season and a berth in the NCAA Tournament, while undefeated Kentucky’s supporters cry the Big Blues.

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The Kentucky basketball team finished a perfect regular season.

The ‘Cats average winning margin is 21 points.

The world is in awe of the team’s immense talent, but for Big Blue, life is hard. No one gets Kentucky basketball. The ‘Cats and their disciples are misunderstood and misrepresented.

Hundreds – maybe thousands – of print articles, internet musings, television and radio segments over the last weeks lauded Kentucky’s great talent, the ‘Cats historic winning streak, the overwhelming likelihood Kentucky wins the NCAA Tournament, the incredible coaching performance by John Calipari.

Yet, Kentucky basketball defenders rally to battle mighty sports media giant Rolling Stone.

Rolling . . .

 . . . Stone.

FanSided’s own Wildcat Blue Nation editor Paul Jordan seems to agree with his Kentucky brethren.

Chad Pugh in writes, “Finally a Positive Article about Kentucky Basketball.”

John Clay writes in, “’We see those stories about how this Kentucky team is supposedly ruining college basketball and ‘we’ have to shake our heads because that’s not what ‘we’ see.”

The rest of the world sees something else.

Kentucky basketball has it all going like never before and it wants to throw a pity party, that’s what the rest of the world sees.

What causes fans of a team so widely acclaimed, so highly praised, so incredibly successful to feel the world is against them? Here are a couple of clues.

Keith Garrett of says, “Kentucky is not killing college basketball; they may actually be saving it.”

Kentucky may be saving college basketball.

John Clay in reports in John Calipari’s post game comments after defeating Florida to complete a 31-0 season. “This is a great story for college athletics, for society.”

Great for society.

Mar 7, 2015; Lexington, KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari during the introductions before the game against the Florida Gators at Rupp Arena. Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Florida Gators 67-50. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky winning is great for society.

Is a Nolan Ryan no-hitter good for society?

Was Hank Aaron’s homerun number 715 good for society? Ok, we’re getting closer.

Was the Texas Western defeat of Kentucky for the National Championship in 1966 good for society? Now we can at least get a maybe. And maybe Kentucky is still getting over that loss – there is, after all, something gnawing at Big Blue.

Like Georgia football, Kentucky basketball is “not just a game.” But no one suggested that Georgia’s final win over Notre Dame to end the 1980 season was good for society. And I’m pretty sure no one thinks Herschel Walker saved college football.

Anyone who has been around the Big Blue Nation knows it is something extra-special. Is Big Blue asking the world to embrace the simple truth that Kentucky is saving college basketball and a Kentucky win streak is good for society?

Maybe the simple truth is that Big Blue wants the world to embrace Kentucky basketball.

Just win Big Blue. It’s enough.

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