The Georgia Bulldog Nation has heard enough about Georgia Tech for 2015


The Georgia Bulldog Nation seems to be hearing quite a bit of chatter from the annoying folks over at the North Avenue trade school, otherwise known as the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia Bulldogs /

Georgia Bulldogs

Listen up, Yellow Jackets, your bragging rights may still be valid for the time being, but let’s not forget where you are in the pecking order when it comes to the state of Georgia’s athletics. When you can best the Bulldogs on a consistent basis and become relevant for more than a fleeting flyspeck of a moment, then you can buzz around the ears of the Bulldog Nation until your wings tire.

Until then, we’ve heard enough, and to be honest all you are doing is poking the bear. Don’t go filling up on royal jelly just yet and falling under the delusion that you are queen bees. In truth, you’re still a bunch of workers and drones who have had a little luck on your side recently. The hive is about to be invaded with a red and black smoker.

There are some who say watch out…even panic. Bulldogs don’t panic. They attack.

The most recent traditional spring baseball game between the Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets was step one. The 6-0 blanking by the Bulldogs was the beginning of UGA’s reclamation of power and glory in this state which they are accustomed to running, and it’s only going to get worse.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Bulldog football program is loading up like never before with more talent in one recruiting class than the Yellow Jackets have seen in the entire Paul Johnson era. Your cute little pitch-and-dive offense will find a


lot more resistance in the second year of Darth Pruitt’s black shirt defense.

We would like to thank you for one thing, however. Retaining Brian Gregory as your head basketball coach was quite a nice gesture. Mark Fox and his NCAA Tournament Bulldogs are dying to end the streak that lucky s.o.b. has put together against Georgia, and to be one of the early catalysts to his inevitable exit from McCamish Pavilion.

Sep 7, 2013; Athens, GA, USA; A Georgia Bulldogs fan cheers in the stands before the game against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Sanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Revel in your glory, but know that thou art mortal, and the Gods have smiled on you for a bit too long as it is.

The Bulldog Nation is millions strong…loud, proud and unafraid of flying pests. Last season you shredded some of the beloved hedges for a mid-afternoon repast. This season, the Dawgs will chew on some bricks and nails from the sidelines of Bobby Dodd stadium.

Uga, Hairy Dawg, the Georgia Joker, the Spike Squad and the entire cast of characters who bleed red and black and disinfect gold and white like an oozing infection will be waiting for you through the rest of 2015.

Because Georgia.

Because the Bulldog Nation.

Because….we STILL run this state.

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