Georgia Football: Camp Intel

Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart talks to Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Nolan Smith (4) Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports
Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart talks to Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Nolan Smith (4) Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports /

Georgia Football fall camp is now over with scrimmage number two now in the books. With the announcement that Carson Beck is the starting QB, the focus was on how well the offense did. Of those who watched the scrimmage, several said the offense did a much better job compared to last week’s scrimmage

More specifically the offensive line played better. I’m not sure if anyone around the program, including the coaches, were worried about the offensive line. It takes time to gel as a unit and I think with more practice, the line, and the offense, as a whole will gel.

Look, the bottom line here is that this offense is too talented not to do great things. If the offense isn’t looking great the first two games, do not panic, and don’t call for the heads of Bobo and Beck. If things aren’t right by the  South Carolina game, we should all start the process of getting worried.

Smart brought up in his press conference that Earnest Greene and Xavier Truss were both banged up, but came back into the scrimmage. Again, it is just that time of year, guys are going to get banged up, I would not worry. Seems as though, both Greene and Truss are going to be playing in week one.

Speaking on the line of scrimmage; Georgia defensive line depth was something of focus in the scrimmage.  Georgia has a ton of experience at the defensive line. But Smart said they do not have the depth they have had in the past two seasons. The defensive line has a ton of older guys, but they also have a ton of inexperienced guys as well. There is no happy medium between experience and age.

Smart said that the key is to work on the younger guys and to get into better shape. The younger guys will just need game reps, luckily given Georgia’s schedule, the younger D-lineman will get that. On the better shape aspect, the entire team has only practiced in full pads for two weeks. They are not just magically going to get into shape. It was also a hot Saturday in Athens.

Full pads are already a microwave oven, adding how hot Sanford Stadium can be, most people would kill over. We all know how hot Sanford can be, especially in August.

So, for the folks worried about Georgia not being in shape do not fret. Since Smart essentially challenged the team, I am sure they will be in shape when the season comes around.

Running back depth has been a concern of mine all off-season. But Andrew Paul continues to impress and to get better health-wise. Paul coming off an ACL surgery about a year ago is not 100%, but Smart has said he looks better with each practice.

Furthermore, Smart hopes Paul is back at 100% by the start of the season. With a ton of banged-up running backs, it will be interesting to see how Paul plays. With Milton not fully back and Branson Robinson still hurt, I believe Paul will get a ton of snaps in the first two games.

Smart said the running backs are a work in progress.

"“They’re going to get to play behind a really good offensive line, some good tight ends, and a quarterback that’s going to be able to help them. But we need to get production out of that position”."

Again, the question is “if”. If the running backs can produce this Georgia Offense can do just about anything. Good luck trying to stop them.

Dominic Lovett and Mekhi Mews continue to impress. Georgia probably has the deepest and most talented Wideouts, since Kirby Smart has taken over. Lovett and Mews are most likely going to be in the rotation. Mews was a showstopper at G-day this April. It sounds like Mews has gotten the attention of Smart and the coaching staff. Lovett has been the talk this fall camp on the offensive side of the ball. The transfer from Missouri looks to have a big season for the Dawgs.

The injuries remained the same as last update. But Lassiter and Branson Robinson were both able to practice but wore non-contact jerseys. Also, Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins returned to practice on Tuesday, from a foot injury. Everyone else on the injured list looks to return by week one or two.

Overall, many people around the football team had a hard time telling who won the scrimmage. It was a back-and-forth ordeal. Which means that the Offense is starting to get into form. I know Kirby is saying Georgia is not at the standard they need to be at. Or for that matter at where they were a year ago.

That may cause some in the fan base to panic. But I think that mostly “coach-speak”. Also, I do not think there is an elite team in college football right now.

So, Georgia is in a perfectly fine place. This team is going to be good, the question is how good could this team be?

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